Monday, October 14, 2013

Tech Lovin - Kindle Fire vs Samsung Galaxy Tab

My tech toy senses are tingling!

(Courtesy of Samsung)

Sooooooo my tech lovin eye wants a tablet of some sort. I'm lightweight anti-Apple, so I don't see myself getting an iPad. BUT my eye has spied the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3! I read the reviews on the Galaxy Tab 2 prior to the 3 launching. The reviews for the most part were very good.

(Courtesy of Amazon)

Then I've been thinking about the Kindle Fire. I'm an Amazon Prime member and other than the free shipping I don't take advantage of the other benefits. I know you can download the Amazon app if you have a tablet but I'm not sure about the instant videos and other Prime benefits. Something I need to look into.

(Courtesy of Amazon)

Also the new Kindle Paperwhite has caught my eye too. So many tech toys, so little time.

My laptop is cool and all but it's big, heavy and hard to maneuver if I just want to lay down and watch YouTube videos and such. It's also not fun to travel with on work trips. So an alternative would be nice. But even my laptop is starting to pluck my nerves. I don't even want to think about it. Now here is where I miiigggght consider an Apple laptop. Keyword might! Hmph!

Anyone own either one? Thoughts?


  1. I do not own either of these but I have the Galaxy Note 8.0 and I love it. I think you'd love the Galaxy Tab 3.

    1. Oh ok cool. Yea I think that's what I'm leaning towards. We shall see what my pennies are saying come the holidays lol!!!


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