Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Makeup Brushes I Would Repurchase

October's Blogapalooza is underway!

I started this post back in October of 2012 and it has been sitting in my draft folder ever since. Sheesh! This was supposed to be a "top 10" but of course I went beyond 10.

I have quite a few makeup brushes. Some I like more than others. If I had to up and repurchase makeup brushes, here is what I would get:

Elf Studio Powder Brush - I love using this blush to apply my Bare Minerals foundation. I have 2 and may pick up another one. A lot of people like to use this brush for liquid foundation. I didn't like for that.

Elf Angled Contour Brush - this is an eyeshadow brush but I use it to blend out whatever undereye concealer I'm using.

Real Techniques Powder Brush - this brush is super soft and applies face powder nicely.

Sigma F05 Small Contour Brush - I use this brush to apply my Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder on the outside of my face and hollows of my cheeks to contour. I've also used this brush as a blush brush and like using it that way as well.

Elf Studio Small Stippling Brush - this is a newer favorite. I like this brush to apply cream blushes, really pigmented blushes like La Femme blushes and highlighters (power or cream).

Elf Studio Eyeshadow "C" Brush - this is my favorite brush for packaging eyeshadows on my lid and into the crease. I have also used the brush to apply cream eye products like Maybelline Color Tattoos. I currently have 2 and wouldn't mind 2 more. You can't beat the price of $3. My looks are very simple so this brush along with the next brush mentioned, gets the job done.

Elf Studio Contour Brush - this is my favorite brush for applying eyeshadows in my crease. Also it has a little give to it so that you can blend a little bit as well.

Sigma E25 Blending Brush - this is dupe for MAC's 217 brush. I have a bunch of these in the mini size. Got them as a gift with purchase with various Sigma Beauty orders. This a good all purpose eye brush and I always have one in reach.

Bare Minerals Crease Defining Brush - to me this a blending brush. I really like for applying a brow bone highlight, cleaning up the edges on an eyelook and of course blending.

Smashbox Arced Liner Brush - I originally got this brush in a set with 2 of their gels liners. When I thought I lost this brush, I went out and got another one. I know there are similar brushes like this that are cheaper, but I wanted the same brush and not an alternative to it.  Of course once I bought the replacement brush, I found the one I thought I lost. Which was fine at the time. Now I have a back up when the other one is dirty or in between washings. 

Sedona Lace Synthetic Blender Brush - I use this brush to mainly apply Maybelline Color Tattoos on my lid. I also like using this brush for 1 eyeshadow looks.

Bare Minerals Tapered Eyeshadow Brush - I've had this brush for a while but only started using it within the last few months. I love that this brush is small. You can lay eyeshadow all over your lid easier. Especially in the inner corner. It also double as a smudge brush for the lower lash line.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush - this is another brush I love to use for applying Bare Minerals foundation. I've also used it with cream foundations as well. Unfortunately this brush is not available for individual purchase. It is included in their Core Collection set. If it was available for individual purchase, I would get another one.

Sigma Large Angled Contour Brush - I love angled brushes like this to apply blush. It makes it easy to place on your cheek and blend it out. I have one from Bare Minerals that I really like as well.

Bare Minerals Contour Brush - I love this brush to apply blush and bronzer. I got this brush in various sets. I don't see it on their website currently which is a bummer. I think I have like 3 so I'm good lol!!

And there you have it. These are the brushes that I reach for/enjoy using the most. I probably could have listed 5 more. I think this is enough ;)

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