Sunday, October 6, 2013

Book Lovin: The "Series" Trend

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Ok soooooo...before the explosion of ebooks, I know authors would do a series. But I feel like authors didn't drag them out (in some cases) as they are doing now in the ebook world. The e-serial seems to be a new "popular" trend. Some of them are so "bad" you have authors selling a few chapters at a time. Having the price ending up being more that a doggone print book!

This trend makes my azz itch! A bunch of times I'll run across a free book or on sale for 99 cents and it turns out to be an e-serial with 4 or 5 books. I'm like come on now! If it's the first book that's offered up as a "deal", I don't trip as much. BUT when it's like the third of fourth book, I'm like really....REALLY! In some cases you may luck up a find a series that you don't necessarily have to read from book 1. But that doesn't happen all the time.

Hell even larger "traditional" series books are working my nerves! What happened to authors writing trilogies and quartets?! *sigh*. There's only so much you can draw out a series before it becomes redundant.

*sigh* and *ends rant*

Is it just me? I've had this conversation with one of my book lovin sorority sisters and she feels the same way.

TTFN - Ta ta for now!

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