Saturday, October 26, 2013

My Makeup Collection: Drawer 7

Yep more lipsticks along with lip pencils and chubby lip pencils/lip stains. Again both on the lower and high end of the spectrum when it comes to price. Some brands not mentioned yesterday are Bobbi Brown, Black Radiance, Kat Von D and Mary Kay.

Drawer 8 tomorrow and no more lip products :)


  1. Giŕrrrl SMH! I swear you my makeup shero. I need to step my game up lol. I got the BM TSV today and its beautiful!!! Will try it out Monday before I go to work. I like the eyeshadow color, moxie color, and etc just need to try it on. Msvirgo

    1. LOL! Please don't be like me. I order the TSV today. I was going to wait but I saw a couple of YouTube videos and I wanted it now! I hope it comes before my work trip so I can take it with me. I will probably order Tarte's when I get back.


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