Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Current Obsessions - Food

Every now and then I get the taste for something and I get stuck on it. So I'm currently crushing on...

Hot chocolate - I had been drinking hot chocolate even before the temps turned cooler. When I was younger I would drink hot chocolate like people drink coffee. Hershey's syrup, some milk and helllooooo hot chocolate!

Tuna - has been my go to for lunch at work. Especially since it's inexpensive and usually on sale.

Almond Milk - one of my sorority sisters turned me on to almond milk. I had tried it a while ago but it was just ok. Now I like it a lot.

Candy Corn - a fall favorite that has been around the office a lot lately.

Pumpkin Spice Latte - it is not fall until I have me a Pumpkin Spice Latte!!!!! When the weather was still warm I would get a frappuccino too. I also like the Via Pumpkin Spice packs. Dunkin Donuts, McDonald's and 7-Eleven have their version. I tried 7-Eleven's yesterday. It'll do in a pinch.

Pretzels - this has been my go to when I have tuna. Nice change up from potato chips

Raisin Bran - my go to cereal.

Peanut Butter - I go through phases with peanut butter. I always get Jif but Skippy was on sale and I'm watching my pennies as best as I can.

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  1. I had to break myself of my "Snyder's Unsalted Pretzels" fit. Was going a bit overboard. New fit-"Jifs Whips" original peanut butter. Softer and easier to dip my "stuff" into. Too easy.


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