Saturday, October 12, 2013

Backup Products In My Stash

Ok at first I didn't think I had a lot of backup products in my stash until I started digging through drawers and what not. Sheesh!!! Most of the backup items I have are limited edition or are no longer available for purchase. One was an accidental purchase and one was a just because purchase. Quite a few are from being on auto delivery with various beauty Today Special Values (TSV) from QVC. Here we go.

Mally Volumizing Mascara 
I got several of these tubes through her TSV sets she brought to QVC. I given some away and I still have this many on hand. Good think it's one of my favorites.

Bare Minerals Mascara (Flawless Definition and Curl & Lengthen) 
I got these via Ulta's 21 Days of Beauty when they were half off. If you like their mascaras then this a good time to stock up on them. I picked up the Volumizing one as well but decided that I don't care for it. So the back up tube I have has gone into my gift giving basket.

Maybelline Gold Shimmer Color Tattoo 
This was part of Maybelle's Fall collection last year. I liked it so much I got a backup. Do I really "need" it? No. So it may end up in someone's Christmas bag. We shall see.

Maybelline's Touch of Light 
This is a cream highlight that I love. I wasn't a big fan of highlighting products. I've gotten more into highlighting within the last year or so. This one is my favorite. I got my back up via my beauty pusha.

Mally Poreless Face Defender
I had originally ordered this as a single shipment then I wanted to get on auto delivery for it. So now I have two. One stays home and the other is in my purse. I hadn't been using it a lot but recently I have been using it a lot more for touch ups. I've hit pan on the one that's in my purse.

Mally Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Liner in Midnight 
This is her black eyeliner. Again more than likely got this from two different sets since this in the liner that she includes in a lot of her sets. It's not my favorite black pencil liner but I do like it.

Bare Minerals Big & Bright Eyeliner in Black Coffee
This is my FAVORITE pencil liner. I got this in two different sets from QVC. I used the last bit of the one I was using the other day. So I will be cracking open my back up. I have found sellers on eBay selling this liner. I will be getting another backup or two.

MAC Evolution Revolution Lipglass 
This was part of the bloggers collection that MAC did. Karen from Makeup and Beauty Blog created this lipglass. It is the perfect pink. When I don't know what lip to do, most of the time I throw this on. It goes with just about everything.

MAC Call My Bluff Lipstick
This is one of my favorite nude lipsticks. I lucked up and found another via a blog sale at a decent price. Some folks are lightweight crazy with the prices that they charge.

MAC Heroine Lipstick
This is hands down my FAVORITE purple lipstick. Like I could wear it every day favorite. I was kicking myself for not get a backup when MAC released it. When they re-released in a collection another lipstick was in order.

Revlon Mink Lipstick
This was an accidental backup situation. This is called you are in the drugstore too doggone much and you don't remember what you've purchased. I think I purchased one from Ulta and then ended up purchasing the another one from Walgreens. This made me start keeping lists on my phone of certain products so that I don't make this mistake again. It's another favorite nude so I wasn't too upset. I keep one in my purse.

Maybelline Colorsensational Lipgloss in Mirrored Plum
I love these glosses and Mirrored Plum is an amazing purple gloss. So of course I "had" to get another one. If it was a part of the regular line then I wouldn't have gotten a backup. This whole limited edition mess at the drugstore really grates my nerves. Plus going from store to store trying to FIND these items. Don't get me started.

Maybelline Colorsensational Lipgloss in Lavender Lavish
I gushed over this gloss and in my September favorites. So no surprise that I got another one.

Bare Minerals Original Foundation in Gold Deep
I prefer the matte version of the foundation. I ended up with these due to sets I ordered from QVC. They never include the matte foundation in any of their sets which is very annoying. I had one of the in my "at work" makeup stash but wasn't really using it. I use the original version more so in the fall/winter.

Bare Minerals Bisque in Deep
Again ended up with multiples of this via QVC sets.

Bare Minerals Perfect Light Mineral Veil
Right now I have 3 of these with another on the way via a QVC auto delivery. This is my second favorite mineral veil. But at least one of these is going on my gift giving basket.

Bare Mineral Bronzing Mineral Veil
This mineral veil right here is MY FAVORITE! Yes Gawd! When I use this you can't tell me my face isn't beat OK!!! Of all the mineral veils, this one is the most brown girl friendly in my opinion. I never really cared for the tinted mineral veil. I have the regular size with the blue lid that launched with the spring collection. Then QVC brought back the super size of it. So I picked that up as well. I didn't purchase it when it first aired I think in 2011. It's still available and I'm tempted to get another. I am dead serious. It is not a game on how much I love this product and I don't want to be without it.

Wet n' Wild Sugar Plum Fairy Lipstick 908C (not pictured above...whoops)
Now this lipstick isn't limited edition. But it is hard to find in stores. So when I saw it one day when I was out and about, I scooped up another one. This is my one of my favorites for fall/winter but heck I wear when I want.

I think that's it. I may have forgotten a gloss and something else. Not that many backups but then again....I had a backup of Wet n' Wild's Vanity palette and Bare Mineral loose eyeshadow in Drama. I was like you really don't "need" these, so I passed them on to other makeup lovers. They now have good homes lol!!!!

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