Thursday, October 17, 2013

Book Lovin: Attachment to Books

I think I stumbled across this blog post via Twitter (Breaking The Sentimental Attachment to Books). I was like how fitting since I am currently going through the process of purging my books. I didn't think it would this hard but it so is! It has been HARD! Some books I was able to go through and put them into the "to go" pile instantly without any issues. Other books not so much. Some I won via giveaways, some I got from the authors personally and they signed the book(s) for me...I could go on. It got to the point I got so frustrated with this process that I stopped. But then I got mad because I'm tired of looking at all these books. Also this process is taking me away from the enjoyment of reading.

I did follow some points from the post. I did get rid of most of the multiple copies of books. Keyword being most. I didn't "write down" my thoughts on each book, that would take forever. For the "questionable" books they did get some extra thought to help me decide if it was a keeper or it was going. This last batch of books I showed no mercy. Also I do realize that this is a process. I plan to go through stuff again, do another drop off and then do a "final" purge for the year around Thanksgiving. Then I'm just going to leave it alone for a while and see what I actually read. I'll revisit everything again in 2014. If I keep this current process up I'll go bonkers.

I found this on Instagram and this pretty much sums up my dilemma.

I just have to realize that, no I can't read everything by everybody. I have some identified favorites authors and heck try keep trying to keep up with them is a task within itself. I need to figure out a way to keep track of books that I just want to read but not necessarily buy. My library does let you borrow ebooks and have borrowed a few. So that's a potential route.

I'm far from becoming a book minimalist. I don't think I could get down to only 20 books like the author of the blog post. But then again I don't want to end up like this lol!!

The struggle continues...

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