Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Book Lovin: So We Throw Away Books Now?

At the halfway mark woohoo!!! Remind me never to do this again!

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I stumbled across this article from The Washington Post on Twitter (Fairfax County library revamps system, discards books, reduces librarians). Needless to say I was shocked and appalled! Especially since it involves my county AND I have been going through my books and donating them to the library! I showed this article to my boss and she was shocked as well. She has also been donating books recently. A cousin of hers has worked within the library system in another Virginia county. She asked her about it and she said that this is typical process called weeding that all libraries do. She all said that the public has no idea what libraries do with books that are not circulated. Typical of what we truly don't know what goes on in our various levels of government, public agencies, etc.

Again I was shocked. With all the natural disasters that have occurred here in the US, and the schools and libraries that lost all their resources...hell even school systems and other programs that are struggling with limited funding and resources, y'all are just going to throw books away! Wasting taxpayers money too!!? I know that they can't hold on to books forever, but there has to be a more responsible way to purge books and not just throwing them in the damn trash. I heard that a town hall style meeting was held and that this issue among others highlighted in the article were addressed. There was a high turnout. I'm glad that residents showed up and showed out!

Just sickening. Makes me leery to keep donating books that I'm purging from my collection. I have three bags sitting in my trunk now. I will take those but I may look into organizations that actually have a NEED and will  DO something with the books that I donate! Plus as someone who have utilized the library in my county since middle school, I am not pleased with all these yo-yo changes. Then to read this article...smh.

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