Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Makeup Collection: Some Other Tidbits

Better Beauty Cases

I have mentioned these in a favorites post last year and showed one of them in my Top 11 Nail Polishes post. I purchased these from HSN. I got two sets that came with a small case and larger case. One of the small ones is empty and I use it for work travel. The second smaller one I keep my everyday items/items I'm currently playing around with. I don't have a vanity, so I take this case into my bathroom to do my makeup in the mornings. One of the larger cases holds some of my nail polishes. The second case holds another competent to my makeup stash that I briefly wanted to show.

It holds my Bare Minerals loose makeup (eyeshadows, blushes and Radiance powders). This is another storage setup that may change. It was a good idea at the time but now it's not convenient and I don't reach for items in here. So something else is in order. If and when I change how I store these, I'll do an update post.

Ok I think that's it...phew! I have some other stuff mainly in my bathroom. Just everyday items like primers, Bare Minerals foundation, Mineral Veil, etc. but you don't need to see those :D

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