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Princess Tag!! (Favorite Luxury Beauty Products)

Another tag. I love watching these on YouTube. Some of the items I'll mention may be more of mid-range vs high end. And of course there may be two products mentioned in a particular category. Also I was kind of lazy for this post when it came to pictures. Some items I've mentioned/shown before in previous posts and some you will see in about a week or so (hint hint).  Plus I've linked the products either to the brand's site or Sephora. They'll have better pics than what I could take. Also Google is your friend :) Here we go!

Share your all time favorite high-end products in each category (If you don't own a luxury item in every category talk about a product you are wanting to try & why you're attracted to it) ; D

Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Foundation was my favorite foundation before Bare Minerals. I was HOT when I found out that it was being discontinued. I was going to purchase at least one more bottle before it went away but I waited too long.

Bare Minerals Stroke of Light isn't really a concealer. It's an eye brighter that does provide coverage. Well enough coverage for me. For the face I like Bobbi Brown Touch Up Stick that I have but cannot find which is odd and annoys me to no end! So I see a purchase in my future.

I gushed over Bare Mineral Bronzing Mineral Veil in yesterday's post which is more mid range in price. I also really like Bobbi Brown's Sheer Finish Loose Powder.

My favorite Bronzer hands down is Bobbi Brown's Bronzing Powder. I purchase Deep Chocolate which she released some additional shades in a previous Fall collection. I didn't know at the time that this shade was limited edition. Had I known, I would have purchase a backup. I hit pan on it last year. The pan has gotten bigger but I still have a lot of product left. I use this every day!

I have two for this one. Tarte's Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blushes are pricey but amazing!  I have eight of them and there at least two more shades that have caught my eye along with the holiday blush palette. I also have to mention Bobbi Brown's Blushes. Some of her newer shades have caught my eye. Blushes from both brands apply smoothly, are pigmented but not to the point that you'll look like a clown and aren't powdery.

I don't really have any "high end" highlighters. I have quite a few Radiance powders that can be used as highlighters from Bare Minerals. I consider those mid-range. On that is on my wish list is Laura Mercier's Spellbound. If I can get my hands on it. It's selling out pretty fast. Crytalis007 showed this in a video and I swear I gasped when I saw it.

Oh Ummm....I'm going to go with Bobbi Brown's eyeshadows. They are smooth, easy to blend and long lasting.

If we're are talking pencil liners then my favorite is Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils. If we're talking gel liners then Bobbi Brown's gel liner are my stizzle. If we're talking liquid liners then LORAC's Front of the Line PRO liquid liner is my favorite.

This is an easy one....Lancome's Definicils Precious Cells mascara. I love everything about this mascara (the brush, the formula, how my lashes look, how my lashes feel, how it removes easily...I could go on). I don't have a tube on hand and was debating on picking up another one. But I may have found a drugstore alternative. Stay tuned...

Smashbox's Nude Lip Liner in Dark. I've talked about this lip liner multiple times. Before I discovered the NYX lip liner in Expresso, this was my go to lip liner that I used every day.

I don't really have a favorite high end lipstick that's a favorite. I do want to try YSL's Rouge Volupte lipsticks. I also want to try Bare Minerals Moxie lipsticks and Urban Decay's new Revolution lipsticks. I have heard good thing about all 3. Especially from Bare Minerals and Urban Decay.

At first I was like I don't have a favorite and then I remembered my Buxom lipglosses and lip creams! How could I forget about those??!! Duh! *head palm*

I don't have any high end brow products. I do want to try Bare Minerals Brow pencil since they now are a dark shade. I like that it's a retractable pencil that you don't have to sharpen and the pencils part looks like it will be good for filling in and defining your brows vs a traditional pencil.

Philosophy Shower Gels. I love the gels that match back to their fragrances and the "fun" shower gels that range from fresh scents to fruit and food scents. My favorite of these kinds is Cinnamon Buns. My favorite of their fragrance shower gels is Amazing Grace.

Chanel's Black Pearl nail polish (link to Temptalia's blog post). It's unique shade that I haven't seen from any other brand be in high end or drugstore.

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