Friday, October 18, 2013

Favorite Beauty YouTubers

I'm subscribed to quite a few people on YouTube. I need to unsubscribe from a lot of them. Here are some that I pretty much watch faithfully and I like their personalities. They keep me wanting to watch their videos and they know what they are talking about. How fitting that I picked 8 YouTubers :D


Ummm this is no surprise right? Since I have mentioned her blog and channel a BUNCH of times. Lol! Crystal mainly does hauls and product reviews which are great. But she mixes it up and keeps it interesting. Plus she's a fool and a half. She also has a vlog channel where she takes you shopping with her.  She shows new products in store and what the displays look like. There is also food series on her vlog channel featuring her husband.

Jennifer Wan (formerly fashionismycrush)

Jennifer does reviews and hauls as well. She has various series on her channel like Drugstore Diaries and Brushabilities. Her videos are very informative. So if you're looking for in depth product reviews then Jennifer is your girl.


I think everyone knows who Emily is. She a very popular YouTuber. She does a mix of things on her main channel. She has 2 other channels (vlog and product reviews). I love that even though she has a bunch of followers, she interacts with everyone like if she only had a 100. Some of these bigger YouTubers....don't get me started. Lemme hush. Plus she has a pink makeup room. I mean come on, how can you not love her for that! Teehee!


I like Ariel's channel because she does tutorials. She also works a Bare Minerals and uses/shows a lot of their products. And if you haven't guessed by now, Bare Minerals is one of my favorite makeup brands.


I love her channel because she's another one that actually does tutorials. I also love her Instagram because she posts her daily looks and swatches of products. She's also a makeup artist and knows her craft.


I like Farah's tutorials. They are simple yet very pretty. I also like her DIY skincare videos.

Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn is another that I like for tutorials. She's quirky and fun to watch. She's also a makeup artist. A real one, not like some of these girls that just play in makeup claiming to be makeup artists. Let me hush and stop "hating". She is very knowledgeable on products and what works for various skin types and skin tones.

Nicole Guerrero

Nicole is another quirky YouTuber that I like. I like her favorites videos and her tutorials.

Who are your  favorite beauty YouTubers?

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