Thursday, October 10, 2013

Current Obsessions - TV Shows

There are very few current shows that I keep with. Most of the time you can find me watching reruns or marathons of various shows like The Golden Girls. But there are a few shows that I have to watch.

The Big Bang Theory

My coworker turned me on to this show and it's hilarious! It pretty much focuses on a group of "nerd" scientists and their everyday life. Simple premise yet not. Bazinga!

Sleepy Hollow

This is a new show in this year's fall lineup and I'm digging it. It has a mix of history, mystery and supernatural things going on. Some of it is kind of creepy. Have me thinking I need to watch this in the daytime LOL!!!!

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Ok can I say that I LOOOOOOOVVEEEDDD the Avengers movie. Like LOVEEED! I need to pick up the DVD but it has been On Demand for a while. When I heard that a TV show was coming, of course I was curious. I've watched the first few episodes. It's not bad. We shall see if it makes the cut and gets picked up for another season.


Football is back baby! Woooooo!!! I've watched football for years. But within the last maybe 2 or 3 years I've been really getting into. Picked a team, paying attention to football news and stuff lol. This year I was itching for football season to start! I didn't know how to act when football was finally back on TV. And my team is 5-0! WHODAT!!!


On Thursdays at 10pm, I am here for Scandal! Yes Gawd! It is not a game! This show right here baaaabbbbaaaayyyyeee! Gives me LIFE EVERLASTING!!! After every show it does seen like folks are ready to check into rehab. The show goes so fast. I feel like if you blink you'll miss something! Every Thursday I say that damn Shonda!!!! If you are a Scandal fan then you have to watch Funky Dineva's recap of the season 3 premiere. Hilarious!


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