Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Less Stuff - June Update

Soooooo ummmmmm.....

I was looking through my draft posts and I saw this post saved but there was nothing typed *blink blink*. I completely forgot about it LOL! In January I talked about what my thought process was for decluttering and looking into minimalism.

And well yea lol! On the clothes front, I've done well. I have gotten rid of a lot of items and have been very particular with the recent items I have purchased. If you look at my clothes it may not look like a lot but I don't switch out my closet for the various seasons. So everything is hanging up. I'm planning to do the "final" purge over the Fourth of July weekend since I'm taking some additional days off.  So that's one thing that will be done. Phew.

On the beauty front *head palm*, I did SO good during my no buy. Once I go off my no buy, I lost my flipping mind. I've been buying stuff left and right. On the one end I have been retrying some past favorites especially in terms of skin care. I'm trying to pare down what I use and simplify my routine. The same goes for my hair care routine.  I picked up some items here and there. I did find some new favorites but my hair revolted on quite a few items lol! So I've gone back to using some past Wen favorites. Maybe once I get my routine down, I'll do a post to hold myself accountable to it. I'm still toying around with the idea of doing the BIG come to Jesus purge of my makeup. Which I know will be super hard. Or really cut back on buying and just use what I have and replenish what I need which wouldn't be much but face products like primer, foundation, brow products, etc. *sigh* Why didn't I stay a tomboy?

And lastly books. I haven't done much with my final book purge and my reading mojo has run away. I haven't read any of the non-fiction books I said that I was going to read for the year. I still have time but still. So in addition to going through my clothes over the Fourth, I plan to start the process of what I hope to be my final book purge. I think it's going to take more the one weekend to really really go through them.

So as you can see I've slacked *sigh*. I have to do better. This mess is a weight holding me back in other areas and I'm tired of looking at stuff. And the beat goes on...

Let's see what I can make happen by December.

Onward and upward!

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