Monday, January 19, 2015

Book Lovin: 2015 Non-Fiction Reads

Here are my non-fiction reads for 2015!

Forbidden Fruit: Love Stories from The Underground Railroad

I picked this book from a African-American book store during a book event featuring on of my favorite authors. I got this a long time ago and never read. I'm always up to read anything about black history.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

I picked this up from a bookstore in Portland during a work trip in 2013. When I got home I gave to my mom to read. She enjoyed and she read it no time. I had heard about what happened to Henrietta Lacks and it struck a nerve with me. So I wanted to read this book.

Dreams from My Father

Once President Obama was elected, I went out and purchased several books he authored. I think this was his first book.

Steve Jobs

I picked this up based off of a recommendation from my boss. She loves all things Apple and Steve Jobs. Our office is a Mac shop. I do like my iMac. I "claim" to be lightweight anti-Apple lol.

Nellie Quander, An Alpha Kappa Alpha Pearl.

And we have a bonus book! I originally said I was going to pull out 4 books.  Fancy I know. I bought this book in 2008 during our Centennial celebration. I have a ton of books about my sorority. Some I have read a while ago and some I haven't read at all. So why start with this once. Along with black history, I love reading about women's history as well. This encompasses both.

Let the reading commence!

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