Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Eureka! Got Water!

Back in June I posted about my "issues" with drinking water. Well I think I may have found my solution! Isn't this bottle cute! I saw this on Motivational Bottle's Instagram last Sunday and I ordered it that night. Shipping was pretty fast. I washed it out yesterday and filled it up this morning. I've already drank through "noon" by 9am! Woohoo! I love the times of the side as guide and this version of the bottle has a straw which is handy. The bottle I purchased is 30oz.

This is definitely going to help me get my water intake up! I'm excited. Now of course you don't need to spend this much on a bottle. But I like the fact that Motivational Bottles are BPA free. Also the owner is someone I'm familiar with from another brand and she's nice. So I don't mind supporting her. Check it out if you're looking for something to help you drink more water.

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