Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Color Recommendations for Various Skin Tones

Going through my draft folder and I ran across this rant post. My feelings still hold true lol!

All the fashion/beauty mags and sites at some point do an article on the "best" whatever shades for various skin tones. Articles like these make my azz itch! I ran across Total Beauty's article on the "best nude" lipstick. For deeper skin tones they "recommend"  lipsticks with copper undertones or a hint of mauve. I've also seen other recommendations for dark brown or purple.

*insert strong side eye*

First of all there are different interpretations of  "nude" when  it comes to lip colors. You have your traditional nude, you have nude as in your actual lip color and then you have nude as far as your skin tone. But again this is my take on "nude".

Another one is recommendations for blush. For deeper skin tones they always say berry toned. Which is nice and I like berry toned blushes. But for some that may be too much and not suitable for everyday. This goes for other skin tones as well. I feel like they have the same color recommendation for everyone skin tone.

Guess what beauty editors, I can wear a pink blush that is suitable for my skin tone and not look crazy. I have several lip colors that are your "traditional nude" and they work just fine for me. How about you take the time and make actual and legitimate recommendations and stop trying to put everyone in a particular box.

*ends rant*

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