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June 2015 Surprise Products of the Month

Ok so I didn't think I would have anything for this month. I was going to throw only one item in my Top 5 post for June. I forgot that I already had some items listed and then other items came to mind. It seems like a lot of items caught me by surprise. June was a good month. Let's get into it!

Sally Hansen Bare Hug

In August 2014, I ranted about Sally Hansen changing Pacific Blue which is probably their most iconic nail polish in the Xtreme Wear line and one of the best blue nail polishes ever! I said in that post I would not be purchasing anymore nail polishes from the brand and I haven't. I was surprised that I hadn't purchased any polishes from them in almost a year. I was in Walgreens and saw a display and Bare Hug caught my eye. I picked it up then put it back down. Before I was ready to check out, I went back and picked it up. The shade is an unusual one and I couldn't place a shade like it in my current stash. It's like a putty gray cream color. I like the way it pairs again my skin tone and I've received compliments when I worn it.

WEN Coconut Lime Verbena Replenishing Treatment Mist & Treatment Oil

WEN got a lot of my money in June. Oye vey. I had kind of steered away from it for a little while. I still had stuff on hand but I was trying other products. My hair was like ummm are you trippin!?!?! So I returned what I could return of items I picked up from Sally's and the rest I passed on to my cousin. Coconut Lime Verbena is WEN's new summer seasonal scent. I have the cleansing conditioner, oil and mist. The Replenishing Treatment Mist and Treatment Oil had me going wow! I've used the oil and mist in other scents but there is something unique about the formulation in Coconut Lime Verbena. I keep telling everyone that it's withcy magic. The scent in amaze balls but how they perform on my hair is great. Both are very moisturizing and tame my hair. The oil is nice on my scalp and it has been less itchy since I have been using it. I told my friend that I will never stray from WEN again unless it flat out stops working for me. I do use some other non-WEN products that I do enjoy but WEN will stay in my rotation.

WEN 613 Nourishing Body Treatment & EDT Fragrance

This duo was a One Time Only value on QVC. The value was ridiculous since both items on their own are pricey. I have used the 613 cleansing conditioner on my hair. I feel that it's too much protein on my hair, so I've stopped using it. But I have always loved the scent. So I couldn't wait to get my hands on the two products. The Body Treatment is amazing! I rarely use a moisturizer all over my body but I have with this. With other moisturizers, I use them on just my legs, arms and feet, For other parts of my body, I use something like Shea or Cocoa Butter. I tend to breakout on my chest and back so I'm carefully on what I use there. I haven't had issues with the 613 Body Treatment.  I've enjoyed it so much that I have already order another jar. The eau de toilette fragrance is nice as well. It's not too heavy, so I do spray it all over kind of like a body mist.

Bath & Body Works Signature Vanilla Shower Gel in Lemon

When I started using the WEN 613 items, I pulled out this shower gel since it has some of the same notes and it smells so GOOD! I got in during the semi-annual sale in December. I only got one bottle. Of course I was tempted to get another. But I said no let me try it first. The lemon and vanilla pair nicely together. Both are very fresh and not fake smelling. I'm going to hold off getting another bottle during the current semi-annual sale that's going on. I will definitely get two more bottles during the next sale.

philosophy Whipped Body Creme in Pure Grace

The philosophy whipped body cremes are a long time favorite of my mine. I picked up the set from QVC while it at was at an event price. The set also includes Amazing Grace and Living Grace. I've tried Pure Grace in the past and I always thought it was just ok. I was ever really wowed by it. So when I got my package, I cracked on Pure Grace first. Now I really really like it. I think I wore it almost for a weak straight. It's described a clean fresh scent which it is. It's a easy to wear scent and one you don't have to think about. If that makes any sense lol. I may pick up the body spritz vs the spray fragrance. So glad I got this set on auto delivery. I will not be cancelling this one that's for sure.

CoverGirl The Super Sizer Mascara

When I originally picked this up from Ulta, I accidentally picked up the Black Brown shades. At first I was going to try it out for a more "natural" look. But then I was like NOPE! I exchanged it for Black and I'm glad I did. I usually have success with CoverGirl mascaras and this one is no different. This mascara is NICCCEEE! It claims to "give you 400% more volume for fuller lashes" and it does. With two coats I you have some serious volume, length and curl. It's also easy to remove which is something I have been paying attention to when I have been trying new mascaras. Slowly I'm trying find some go to mascaras from the drugstore. I would definitely repurchase this one.

Starbucks Iced Espresso Classics

I've tried 3 different flavors and I like them all. The skinny versions are not all that bad. I accidentally picked up the regular vanilla latte oops lol! I was like this is good. Of course it is lol. They do also carry regular iced coffee which I plan on trying next. These have been handy to have on hand at work.

And on the the meh...

I don't have pics for these items since they have already been tossed.

Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser

I've been curious about this cleanser since it came out. Also since I love the Pore Unclogging Scrub, I want to try this out. I did not like this all! I did not like how it felt on my skin. The Unclogging Pore Scrub has a slight tingly sensation which I like. This joker felt  like a burning sensation on my skin! I was like oh heck no! I also did not like how my skin felt after using this cleanser. Plus I think my skin has a reaction to it too. I've tried another charcoal skin care product and wasn't thrilled by it either. So maybe charcoal just isn't a good match for my skin.

Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express Mascara

Ok after this I am DONE with Maybelline mascaras. After I tossed the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara, I picked the Rocket Volume mascara since I had a coupon. This was another Maybelline mascara that I had heard people rave about. It just wasn't for me. It performed similar to the Lash Sensational on my lashes. It smudges on my and it was also hard to remove.

Ok that's enough right?!?! Hopefully this list will not be this extensive for July. One can only hope.

TTFN - ta ta for now!

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