Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Is It Really Worth It?

Another draft post just sitting from June of last year.

Ran across this article: Bookkeeper Stole $830K from Veterans Organization: Police 

Stuff like this pisses me OFF! You will eventually get CAUGHT! It's not worth it! And to not even THINK about the people you're impacting with your greediness! With the work that I do, I have access to cash, credit card numbers, so on and so forth. But it has NEVER crossed my mind to do something like the lady did in the article! I mean come on now.

I remember doing a paper in grad school about the squandering of funds that were supposed to go to HIV/AIDS initiatives in DC. It impacted the disease spreading more quickly in the city, people living in the city with HIV or AIDS struggling due to lack or resources and organizations who were truly about their missions and the people the served struggling to provide services. They truly needed the money to support their organizations. Again I was HOT like fire when I was doing my research.

I don't know why people cannot DO BETTER!

*ends rant*

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