Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Polish Play August 2014

This month I'm only going to play around with a few polishes. Well not as many as the last few months lol.

Once I heard that Sally Hansen's Pacific Blue had been reformulated along with the rest of the line, I went bonkers! I was hot to trot. I was like how can you change THE best blue nail polish??!!!! I rarely go on the hunt for items anymore but I went a hunting for this! I lucked up and found it at a CVS that I pass everyday during my commute to and from work but I have never stopped in there to check it out. The day I was hunting something said stop. I'm glad I did. This one had 3 polishes in the display and you best believe I got all 3! HMPH! I did give one of these to my coworker who couldn't find it while she had been out and about. So I now have 2 back ups lol. So I'll be keeping the bottle I have already open in rotation with the polishes I play around with :D While I grabbed Pacific Blue from my stash, I also grabbed Test My Teal from Sally Hansen. I hadn't used it in a while and it's another pretty one.

I was to Sephora inside JcPenny to get my birthday gift and they had quite a few Formula X polishes on sale. I picked up this blue glitter polish in TNT. I thought it would be good one to pair with the various blue nail polishes I have.

I have 2 Rimmel nail polishes in Pulsating and I Lilac You that were gifted to me. I've never played around with Rimmel nail polishes before.

I had decided earlier that I want to play around with some duo sets of Deborah Lippmann nail polishes that I scooped up on sale from HSN but never got around to using. I also grabbed two additional glitter polishes of hers.

Here we have Almost Paradise, Footloose, I Know What Boys Like, Happy Birthday, Let's Hear it For The Boy and Dancing in the Sheets. The two glitter polishes are Let's Go Crazy and Candy Shop.

I've already used Sally Hansen's Pacific Blue and Formula X's TNT. I likey this combo!


  1. Love it!! I was thinking of picking up/looking for the older version of "Pacific Blue", but I talked myself out of it. Now, I'm tempted again. Maybe I'll look this weekend.


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