Thursday, December 31, 2015

December 2015 Yays! & Boos!

Post #75 for 2015! I think this is a good place to end it. I was trying to get my December Top 5 up to but dah well. Tomorrow is another day!

Here we go!


Tarte Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush

I've had this brush in my stash for a good while but I never used it as foundation brush because it was so big. I don't even think I've used it with my Bare Minerals foundation. I randomly grabbed it on morning to use with my Covergirl Queen foundation and I was totally surprised. It buffed the foundation it to skin nicely and the application was flawless.

EcoTools Domed Bronzer Brush

This used to be one of my go to powder brushes that I hadn't used in forever. I had it in a stack of brushes to give away. When I pulled out the Tarte brush, I said why not to using this brush. Then I remember why it was a favorite. It's excellent for powder and blending everything together.

BH Missy Lynn lipsticks in Miss Lynn & L'Amour

I ordered all 4 of the Missy Lynn lipsticks. When I swatched them on the back of my hand, I was like ooooohhh they are super smooth! They apply nicely on the lips. They're not drying and have nice staying power. Of course I was drawn to the two darker shades.

BH Cosmectics Studio Pro HD Brow Pencil

I picked this up I think after Thanksgiving when it was on sale for $3.50. Sold! I got the shade Ebony. I've never tried Anastasia's Brow Wiz but I saw some reviews comparing the two. I refuse to pay $21 for a brow pencil. A brow pencil is one product that I do use up in a decent amount of time. Also I use it pretty much everyday. Even on the days when I don't wear any makeup. I'll still fill in my brows. So something inexpensive is the way I chose to go. I like the packaging and I like the shade. You can really define and shape your brows with this pencil. I would definitely repurchase it.

Bath & Body Work Be Joyful

Lawd knows I did not need more Bath & Body Works! I was in the store with my friend when the had all the signature items on sale for $5. My friend actually go this for me but I did purchase some items too gah! This smells so good! The key notes are Sparkling Clementine, Gold Mango, Frosted Jasmine, Winter Melon and Shimmering Sugar. It's not too fruity but it's not heavy like a winter scent. I think it's a good a year round scent. I text my friend and said that I may need to get more of the lotion during the semi annual  sale lol! Sadly it's not part of the current sale going on now. It is part of the buy 3, get 3 free promo going on and you can throw a coupon on top of that if you have one.


Tarte The Brow Architect 

This was included in the first Essence Beauty Box that I received and I was excited to try it. When I got around to using it, I was like oh my damn and not in a good way. The shade I have in deep and ain't nothing deep about it. It's very cool toned and almost grey vs being a dark brown. There's no brown in it. I think I ended up grabbing my Iman brow pencil to try and make my brow look halfway decent. Maybe I got a bad one *shrugs*. In the trash it goes.

Benzac Acne Solutions Acne Eliminating Cleanser

I was going to use this up. I really was. I probably have about a fourth cleanser left in the tube but I just can't. I just don't like this. I don't like the consistency and I feel like it hasn't done anything for my skin. The only plus to this cleanser is that is has a lower percentage of Benzoyl Peroxide, so it didn't dry out my skin. Also in my haste to get rid of it, I tossed it before I could take a pic. I ordered this from and it's also sold at Ulta.

Benzac Acne Solutions Intensive Spot Treatment

I don't feel bad tossing this out since I got it as a gift with purchase with the cleanser. Again I don't like the consistency. Ain't nothing "intensive" about this treatment (and yes I said ain't nothing). The couple times I went to use it this month. it BURNED! I was like oh hell no! I'm sticking with Clean & Clear's acne spot treatment. That's my holy grail product. I also have a Bare Minerals Blemish Therapy (that I forgot to include in my skin post! D'oh!) that I've really enjoyed in the past that I can add to the rotation to use up. Tossed this with a quickness as well before snapping a pic.


This is the WORST shipping company! QVC has started using them for some of their east coast orders. I've read that Amazon also uses them as well. I've had an issue with every order that QVC has used them to ship an order to me. If you check their social media or look at reviews on the company, they are absolutely terrible. I have no idea why a vendor would use them as a shipper. One of my recent orders never arrived. It was this constant back and forth with them but they basically lied to me saying that the item was delivered. Whatever! QVC has refunded which is "fine" and they gave me a $20 credit on my account but I don't have the item. I could reorder it but the same mess could happen again. It makes me leery to order from QVC if they continue to use them. Now mind you this has been with orders I have shipped to my office. I haven't had any issues with home deliveries since they come via the post office or UPS. I usually have stuff shipped to my office because someone is there during normal business hours. I don't feel like going through the hassle of notices being left on my door when having stuff shipped to my house. But shoot I might have to if this mess with LaserShip keeps up. Just gimme my stuff!


Next year I may combine this with my favorites post. We shall see. Stay Tuned!

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year!


  1. I love the BBW Be Joyful scent I have the mist and someone gave me the pocket lotion for Christmas! I purchased the mist when they was 5.00 also!! I'm using the Benzac cleanser now and I will use the whole tube but will not purchase again I don't like it I like the Pro-active Plus cleanser better. Happy New Year! Msvirgo

    1. Happy New Year!

      It's a nice scent. I still want to try the Proactive Plus products. I have an EP offer to use and a credit on my account. Maybe I'll pick up a set.


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