Thursday, October 27, 2016

Less Stuff Update: Glambot - Hit or Miss

In my Less Stuff update last month, I mentioned that I was going to send some makeup items to Glambot. Glambout accepts used makeup from certain brands. So I went through my stash kinda gingerly at first then I went through like a bandit! I ended up sending them 50 items. I didn't know it was that much lol. You have to send them at least 20 items. Of the 50 I sent, only 2 were not accepted. I was ok with that and I was ok with the amount they offered for the items I sent. You have the option of accepting the cash pay out via Paypal or a store credit to shop with them. Of course I opted for the cash. The process was smooth for me. I request a mailing label and it was emailed to me. Checking the tracking number, Glambot received my items within a couple of days. I received my offer a couple of days after they received my package. I accepted the offer the same day and received the money in my Paypal account the next day.

Sooooooooo since I had such good success with my first box of stuff I sent, I got another round of items to send. I mailed the items October 18. I just got an email from them that my order was REJECTED due the items smelling like cigarette smoke. I DO NOT SMOKE!! I am PISSED. The driver of whatever delivery truck it was on could have been smoking with my box on the truck. Or hell it could have been on of THEIR employees smoking around my box. So now I'm being penalized for it?! I'm hot to trot right now. To get my items back, I have to pay them $15. I will never deal with them again. It's hit or miss. Seriously. Ugh! So try Glambot at your own risk.

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