Sunday, May 3, 2015

Product Play May 2015

Happy May!

Back from the west coast and tired as all get out. I kind lost my mind after my no buy lol. I picked up somethings here and there. Now I'm kinda putting myself on another no buy until my birthday. Keyword being kinda *shifty eyes*. I have my eye on some stuff that's limited edition. So you know how that goes with some brands. You can't wait too long on it or it'll be gone. But I'm hoping that I lose interest in what's currently in my Sephora cart. One can only hope...HA! is what I'm playing around with this month!

Palette Play

I was watching a video on new the Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye palette and the Balm's Meet Matte Nude palette popped in my head. It's not an exact dupe but similar in that it's a all matte neutral palette of sorts. I kind of want the Kat Von D palette but then again I don't NEED it. I'll have to look at it again in store. With the warmer weather upon us, I want to play around with some brighter lippies and the Meet Matte Nude palette is great for keeping the eyes simple. But you definitely can go dramatic with this palette as well. The Balm is currently on sale on Hautelook until Tuesday. This palette is part of the sale. I picked up their eye primer and two lip glosses since I had a credit on my account.

Now on the opposite end of the spectrum, I pulled Mally's I Love Color palette. Again it's that time of the year for some brighter and fun colors. I have another colorful palette in mind for next month. The colors in the palette aren't super crazy and are wearable enough for everyday. Well they are for me and my day to day activities including work.

Alsooooo...I hinted about this palette in my April Top 5 post. I picked up the Laura Mercier Eye Art Artist's palette that came out during the holidays in 2013. It was re-released on Sephora's website. Then I heard that it was popping up in stores. I have the palette from 2012 and love it. I had wanted this one but I didn't get it at the time. So when I saw that it was back, I said I'm getting it this time. Luckily I saved a few dollars on it during the Spring Beauty Insider sale. I used it before I left for San Diego a few times and took it with me for the week. I LOVE IT! I'm going to keep it in reach this month to use along with the other two palettes. This might show up in my May Top 5 post. If you've had your eye on this palette, get it. Just get it. It's expensive but it's worth the price.

I also didn't touch the Lancome palette and Bobbi Brown quad from last month. So I'll keep them out too.

Polish Play

Top: Chanel Black Pearl, Chanel Holiday, Cult Nails Time Traveler, Cult Nails Seduction, Bobbi Brown Turquoise, Bobbi Brown Twilight
Middle: OPI Hello Hawaii Ya?, 7th Inning Strrretch, China Glaze Sexy in the City, China Glaze Oxygen, China Princess Grace
Bottom: Funky Fingers Bling Dipper, Funky Fingers Pep Rally, Funky Fingers I <3 U
I had no clue what to pull out for this month. I went to put away my Butter London polishes and stumbled across the polishes I have from Chanel, Bobbi Brown and Cult Nails and said why not *shrugs*. Thhhheeeen I went to Sally's to use a 15% off coupon that expired at the end of April and I also had a gift card. So these were kinda "free". Right? :D I knew I wanted to get OPI's Hello Hawaii Ya? from a recent collection. Then I spotted another OPI polish and some China Glaze polishes on sale. They China Glaze polishes were on a buy two, get one free promo that included sale polishes. I've played around with some of them and wanted to play around some more with them. Then I got some more Funky Fingers glitter polishes from Five Below. Jeez! Didn't I say that I wasn't going to buy more nail polish! Oye! But I didn't avoid Zoya's recent Earth Day sale. So I guess that counts for something.

Out of My Face

I finally used up the Elasta QP hair moisturizer from February. Woot! I'm not adding anything new to the list since I'm still working through previous items *sigh*. The struggles of a beauty junkie HA!

And now play time!


  1. Ooh...the palettes are gorgeous! The polishes are nice too. I've been using the Miracle Gel by Sally Hansen. It works beautifully!

    1. I've been curious about their gel polishes. I may give them a try.


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