Friday, May 15, 2015

Book Lovin - The Time Has Come

Some earlier pics from when I started purging my print books.

I think I'm ready to do my FINAL purge of print books. I was talking to friend earlier this week and she talked about making the transition from print to ebook for some of her books. So you know it got me the thinking again about my book mess.  I went on Amazon to see if I could return 2 print books from a series that I'm reading, but I'm past the return period *sigh*.  I've talked about my "dilemma"/issues with print books vs ebooks back in July 2013. I'm revisiting it again since I'm still in my declutter/lightweight minimalism phase.

This whole thing is taking up a good chunk of my mental space. So I think over Memorial Day weekend I'm going to tackle what I'm hoping to be my final print book purge. Then I'll see what's what from series and authors that I've slacked on and go from there. I probably will make some good old fashion lists in a notebook I have.

My friend also mentioned that she misses the reader that she used to be and I was like YESSSSSS!!!! Ugh! There were months that I would read like 10-15 books like it was nothing. Reading was fun and not a chore like it is now. It was also a release, form of relaxation, an escape from the day to day grind, so on and so forth. So I just gotta be serious and have a come to Jesus meeting with the print books that I haven't read. Deep down I know that I will probably never get into them. Then I'll tackle the ones I've read once and have no desire to read them again. Shoot they're taking up space for the GOOD stuff. That's prime real estate...ha!

This whole thing makes me want to bang my head against the wall repeatedly! :D But it must be done!

*ends ramble* :D

TTFN - Ta ta for now!

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