Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Book Lovin - Book book vs ebook

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Yes I said book book lol. No but seriously as an avid reader the whole physical book vs ebook has me going in circles!!! I purchased a Nook Color as a graduation gift to myself in 2011 when I finished up my Masters and I love it. I love the ease of reading on it in terms of adjusting the font size, the back lightening and even the ease of accessing a book (which can get you in trouble since it is so easy lol). I'm debating if I want an Android tablet or a Kindle Fire (another discussion for another day).  I also feel that at times, I read faster on my Nook Color vs reading a print book. Of course that depends on the story at hand. If it's good I can read through a print book like it's nothing. From previous book related posts, I'm sure you have gathered I own a lot of print books. The dilemma now is, do I buy the print version or the the ebook version? Some books I have are part of a series or are from authors that I had purchased the majority of their books in print. My "collector brain" is like of course buy the print book. But in some instances the ebook is cheaper and I don't have to worry about finding space for another book. So that part of my brain is saying buy the ebook. Then there are occasions when an author will do special pricing on a new release of  book in ebook format.

One thing that makes my azz itch is when the ebook is the same price of the print book!!! I'm like are you kidding me!?!? That mess needs to stop! I've read various things were it is being "worked on". We shall see *insert eye roll* There have been times that I want to buy the ebook but it pisses me off to pay the same price for it as the print version. I may sound crazy but I'm not alone in feeling this way. I have talked with other book lovers who are facing the same "dilemma". Having an ereader or tablet was supposed to make things "easier" but now it seems to be making things more difficult when it comes to book buying purchases So I'm still at a loss lol. Readers what do you say? Anyone else facing this "dilemma"? Do you prefer a physical book or an ebook? Is there a happy medium? Chime in!

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