Friday, February 28, 2014

The Weight Game

(Courtesy of Microsoft)

A while ago, I posted about how I had lost 30 pounds. I was SO excited. I was like awesome, let's tackle the next 30 pounds. *sigh* As always life happened and I got off track and gained 10 pounds of that back. It's been a yo-yo situation ever since.

I'm so annoyed and frustrated with this whole weight loss thing. I know that you shouldn't get caught up on what the scale says or compare your weight loss efforts to others. BUUUUUT that's the number that EVERYONE else focuses on! Of course they weigh you when you go to the doctor. Then the nurse or doctor has some shit to say. I just want to be like screw it! I mean I can see changes in my body and the way that my clothes have been fitting. Or lately when I have bought clothes, I have purchased a size smaller than what I would normally wear. I'm not going to give up and go back to where I was before. Just to need to regroup and rework my game plan. I'm still annoyed though.

*ends rants*

How do you stay motivated and not get caught up in the scale?

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  1. Same here. Lost 30, up 10. A solid 10 that doesn't want to budge. Not sure what's next. *sigh* PBJ


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