Wednesday, September 14, 2016

August 2016 Top 5 & More

Late again. Curses *shakes fist* I was determined to get this up on August. Dah well. Here it tis!

Top 5

philosophy Pure Grace Shampoo, Bath & Shower Gel

Last year, I mentioned how I had really enjoyed using the Pure Grace Whipped Body Creme. Well I ordered the philosophy grace & love 4-piece fragrance set back in June that included a super size of the shampoo, bath & shower gel and regular sizes of the body lotion, olive oil scrub and fragrance. I did auto delivery (surprise surprise) and I got Pure Grace as my first scent. I have been OBSESSED with the shower gel. I ordered the set towards the end of June and I got it the beginning of July. Due to travel I may have used it a few times. So I didn't really get into until maybe the end of July. I've used almost half of the shower gel. This usually does not happen this quickly with supersize shower gels. The Pure Grace scent is described as soap and water clean and it's just that. I've used as my shower gel with other philosophy fragrances and it has mixed well with them, I also used with Wen's Summer Mango Coconut fragrance and it was fine as well. So glad I picked it up.

Laura Mercier Artist Palettes

As I've mentioned in my recent Less Stuff post that I'm planning on sending some items to Glambot. I pulled the two Artist's Palettes that I have which are the first two palettes. The first palette has been a long time favorite and I have traveled with it many times over. I also do really enjoy the second one as well especially the purple shades. There is some overlap with the shades and I hadn't used them in a while. I was ready to write them off since I hadn't reached for them. Then  I said well use the for a week or two and then decide. I did just that and decided that they are staying lol. These are nicely pigmented and smooth eyeshadows. They remind me of Bobbi Brown eyeshadows (more shadows I have not used in a while). The packaging is nice and slim for easy storage and travel.

Essie Strut Your Stuff

I wore this shade multiple times in August. I rarely repeat shades since I pull out so many nail polishes to play around with for the month. I did a Manicure Monday post with this shade. It is described as bright blue creme. It applies nicely with two coats. It was definite favorite polish over the summer.

Butter London Shadow Clutch Palette in Natural Charm

This palette was given to me by a friend and it's available at Ulta. I said ok another neutral palette. I've used every shade in the palette and this is a really nice palette. It's great for everyday and you do have some color in the palette with the coral and olive shades. The shadows are smooth, pigmented and easy to blend. At first I wasn't going to mention this palette but the more and more I used it I said nope gotta talk about it. It goes with the small palette kick I've been on and it's a super easy palette to use. I would definitely travel with this palette. There is another palette available called Pretty Proper. I may swatch it the next time I'm in Ulta. *shifty eyes*

Chapstick Total Hydration in Coconut Hydration

This in an item  I got in the May Allure Beauty Thrill box. I was able to purchase the box on sale. I'll mention more in a bit. This reminds me of the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment but at a fraction of the price of course. This is a 3 in 1 formula. It moisturizes, renews and transforms. I mainly have use this at night. It keeps my lips hydrated and they are nice and soft the next morning. They also come in colors which are sheer. I got Rose Hydration in the August Allure Beauty Thrill box. I haven't cracked it open yet but I cannot wait to try it.


Allure Beauty Thrills Box

When I was at my work meeting in July, I got an email to pre-order the August box and to get the May box on sale I was having a bad day and said why not and ordered both boxes. The May box was waiting for me when I got back to the office and it was FULL of stuff! There were 3 or 4 products that I knew I would not use. I passed those items on to coworkers. Still with what was left over was a lot. Then I got the August box and was really pleased. There was only one product I passed on. This box had a Wen seasonals cleansing conditioner in it. If you order from their website it costs $40. The August box I paid the normal prince of $49.95. I'm not sure if I'll get another one but if you're somewhat curious about this box, I say give it go. It's totally worth it. Also a portion of the proceeds of both boxes were donated to two different causes. The May box was the Melanoma Research Alliance and the August box was Cancer and Careers. I absolute love beauty with a cause.

Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant Toothpaste & Mouthwash

The toothpaste was an item I got in the May Allure Beauty Thrills box. I was curious because I had heard good reviews on this line. I went to Walgreens and got the mouthwash and lucked up on a buy one, get on free sale. I've been using it for a few weeks and I really like it. It gets my teeth clean and it refreshing. I was looking for an alternative to the Super Smile set I got and I've found it. Woohoo! So I am going to cancel the auto delivery set that I was getting from QVC and stick with these prodcuts.

Essie Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Low

This was a random find at Walgreens for $2.99. Walgreens clearance section is quite good check it out the next time you're there. This is a silvery gold  metallic shade with flecks in it and is super pretty. I usually don't like shades like metallic shades. They can be hard to apply and look weird on me. Well I think they looked weird on my. But I rather enjoyed the how it looked when I was done. I think this is my first metallic shade from Essie. Now I'm curious about other metallic shades in their line. It is still available on the Essie website.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Mad Max Brown

I used up my last Eyeko liquid liner in Mocha and it's discontinued waaaaahhhhh. So I was on the hunt for a new dark brown liquid liner. I went to Sephora and looked at their liner and Kat Von D's. I liked the swatch I did of Kat Von D's more. So I brought it home and have been using it ever since. It reminds me a lot of the Eyeko on so woohoo! When I run out on the black Eyeko liner I have I will purchase the Kat Von D one in Trooper.

Makeup Sponges

After watching Jennifer Wan talk about the Ulta Small Super Blender sponge. I  decided to scoop one up I also got the Super Blender sponge and the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge. I tried the beautyblender years ago and I did not like it all. One thing I like about the Ulta sponges and Real Techniques sponges in that they are inexpensive. I like the way both sponges feel on the face and how they applied my makeup. I was kind of surprised how nice my face makeup looked. The smaller Ulta sponges I used for my undereye concealer. The only drawback I feel is that it seems to take longer to do my face makeup. Maybe once I get more used to using sponges it'll go quicker. My preference is still makeup brushes.

Starbucks Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew

This has been my go to drink over the summer. The Cold Brew coffee is very smooth. The Vanilla Sweet Cream is just enough sweetness without making it too sweet. If you think other iced drinks at Starbucks are too sweet then give this a go.


Nothing this month. Woohoo! Makes me happy when I'm enjoying the items that I reach for.

Let's see what September brings! I am determined to get my September post in in September!


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