Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Nail Polish Declutter!

Next up is nail polish!

Why is nail polish so easy to buy? You see a pretty shade and in your cart it goes! Some of my "rage purchases" have been nail polish. Especially since CVS and Walgreens are within walking distance from my job and Ulta is about 10 minutes up the street driving.

This is only a portion my current nail polish stash. As you can see this basket is really full. Everything used to fit nice and neatly. Now chaos! There is more nail polish to the right. I have no idea on how to take a pic of everything! So the plan is to go through them and toss old polishes that thinner won't save and I guess give away shades/brands that I'm not feeling or was never really feeling to begin with.

I follow up in upcoming Shop My Stash posts as I toss or give polishes away.

Declutter alllllll the things! Alllllllllll the things!!!!!!


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