Saturday, October 31, 2015

October 2015 Top 5 + a book bonus

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone has had a fantabulous October.

A quick update to my Makeup Geek pigment rant. I got an email on the 12th saying that my order has shipped. I was like say what now??? I looked and it was the order that had the Kaleidoscope pigment. So I emailed them and said, hey I haven't ordered anything and what is this about? I get a response saying that they were sending my replacement empty jar. Nesssaaaaa girrrrllll I was fit to me tied! I responded back saying I did not want the empty jar and that it's pointless since I have lost half of the product. I get a response to that email the 13th apologizing for the miscommunication and that a full replacement of Kaleidoscope was coming to me. I was still skeptical after all the hoopla. So I waited to see what would actually show up. I got the order on the 16th but did not get a chance to open the box until the 19th. It was a replacement of the pigment. The sifter was separate from the actual pigment which I don't mind since I think it was the culprit in the first doggone place. I may transfer the product to the empty jar I ordered from eBay. So I'm glad that they made this right and replaced the product. The handling of the situation overall leaves a lot to be desired. I still don't plan on ordering any additional pigments from the company. I'm undecided if I will purchase anything else from the company in the future.

Ok enough of that! Here's my top 5 for October and a book bonus!

LaFemme Blush in Bordeaux

This has been my go to blush since last month. It's just an easy shade to wear and goes with just about any look. It reminds me of Mac's Raizin. They could be cousins.

BH Cosmetics Forever Nude Aqua Gloss

I've been eyeing these glosses for a while and I finally ordered two when they were on sale for $3. If I didn't like them then I wouldn't be crushed since they are inexpensive. I picked up Cinnamon Stick and Chai Latte. These glosses are fantastic! They remind me of MAC Lipglasses but better! I've never been a big fan of MAC Lipglasses but I do have some that I like. These have a vanilla scent similar to MAC but they are not a sticky as MAC. They apply nice and feel good on the lips. They  are very brown girl friendly nude shades.  I'm definitely going to pick up some more shades. My friend said you can practically get stuff for free on Black Friday since the deals are so good. *patiently waits*

Fresh Cream Body Polishing Scrub

Once I used up philosophy's Living Grace Olive Oil Scrub, I cracked this open. This has been my Saturday morning treat in the shower when I wash my hair. The Fresh Cream scent in the body polish is amaze balls! This applies nicely on the skin and rinses easily. That's my one gripe with some body scrubs, some are hard to rinse off. I was all set to get another tube of this but recently found out that the Olive Oil Scrub in now available in Fresh Cream! I'm working through the last of Fresh Cream Shower Gel. This indirectly on my use up list.  As soon as I use it up, I'm ordering the Olive Oil Scrub. Woohoo!

Formula X Nail Polish in Beyond

This is another one of the Formula X polishes that I got at a ridiculously good price at Sephora Inside JcPenney. This has been my go to, midweek polish change. I grabbed it one day because I didn't know what I wanted to change my polish to and instantly I was like ooooooh. I wore it I think 3 times this month and I really don't want to put it away. It applies easily and smoothly on the nail. It's dark teal color. If you can find this shade, I highly recommend that you pick it.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

I already knew I was going to add this to my stash but I was going to wait until November during a promo/sale. I ended up exchanging an item for it and I think all I had to pay was $30. So not bad. I knew I would like palette since I like the Black and Smoked palettes. I reached for this palette more than the two BH Cosmetics palettes that I pulled out to play with for the month. I've seen complaints about it being too dark. Yes, you can go dark but you can do some simple everyday eye looks as well. To me it's an easy palette to use. I was going to take some Bobbi Brown shadows with me on my work trip next month. I think I may take this palette instead and some Mally shadow sticks. This is another item that I highly recommend.

Book Bonus - Ramsey/Tesano Series by AlTonya Washington

Ok I'm cheating here but I had 6 items this month and I wanted to talk about all 6 in this post lol! I had mentioned in one of my book lovin posts, that one of my book goals was to get caught up series that I fell behind on. One series is the Ramsey/Tesano series by AlTonya Washington. I had read most of the books in the Ramsey part of the series but hadn't read the Tesano books of the series. The Ramseys are in the later part of the series as well. I decided to reread the series and then tackle the newer books. This series is so intricate, blink and you could miss something. As I was rereading, I did remember most of it but I did forget some parts. So it was nice to have a refresher. This series has a bit of everything! I'm talking mystery, suspense, intrigue, murder, love, and so on and so forth. I can't wrap my head around how AlTonya crafted this series! There's one more book due out that will end the series and then there's supposed to be a book on the Tesano Elders. I'm currently on a Lover's Control. If you looking for a series to get into or new author to check out, then check on the Ramsey/Tesano series and AlTonya Washington!

Not too bad this month. On to November! November??! Jeez!

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