Sunday, April 5, 2015

No Buy Success!

I did it woohoo! *two step*

For Lent, I went on a makeup no buy. I didn't say anything because I had already received some not so supportive comments from some who probably thought they were "joking" with me,but that's not how I took it. So I decided to keep it to myself and talk about when I was done.

It was really broad at first but then I was like no, if you're going to do this you need to be specific! So basically Skincare, hair care and tools like brushes weren't included. I did pick up a few eye primers and color tattoos to try out as primers since I am still have issues with my eye looks lasting. Which I am very annoyed by *sigh*. So mainly color products like lippies, nail polish, blush, and single eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes were included. I also included foundations including BB creams, tinted moisturizers, etc. since I had picked up quite a few in the last month or so. I almost caved and ordered the new Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless foundation just a few days before Lent was over. Phew!

 I was really put to the test when Lancome had an AWESOME Today's Special which of course was a good deal. I had it in my cart before I left work but then I forgot about it. When I got home, I looked at it again and then I was like NO! You're on a no buy and pretty or not, you don't need it! So I did not order it. During this time I did some reorganizing of my stash and future "planning".  This always helps put your beauty buying habits into perspective lol.

Going forward I'm going to continue with a no buy in some areas and a "low" buy in others. Here's my thought process for certain "beauty areas".
  • Nail polishes - I am going to continue my no buy for nail polishes. I've had my eye on ones here and there. But honestly I'm sure I have something similar already in my nail polish stash. It'll have to be something pretty unique to make me buy. I reorganized my nail polishes too and everything fits. So I really don't have room for anything new.
  • Lippies - Same goes with lippies. I do have my eye on some of the new NYX lippies but I'm waiting to see if Ulta does a 40% off sale. I also have my eye on some items from Colour Pop and Coloured Raine. But again we'll see and I will definitely compare colors with what I already have in my stash too.
  • Blush - I don't really have my eye on any blushes except one from MAC in Coygirl that's discontinued. I found a seller on eBay but it sold. So I'll probably forget about it now. I have poked around on Colour Pop's website looking at the blushes that they launched not too long ago and there's maybe one from Tarte I may pick up.
  • Highlighters -  I have been looking at several highlighters from Becca and The Balm. So we'll see if any of those come home with me. I was never really all that into highlighters. Don't know what has changed. But I have a nice stash of them so far. I'm going to sound like a broken record, but it'll have to be something unique for me to pick up any additional highlighters.
  • Eyeshadows....*sigh* I think I'm eyeshdaow palette out. Shocking I know. I've eyed a few here and there but I'm not really wowed by anything. After a while they all start looking similar. The MAC 15 palettes have caught my eye, but I really don't feel like shelling out $85. One from Laura Mercier that I wanted is back on Sephora's website. If I get it, it may be my last palette purchase for a while. I've been looking more so at single shadows from L'Oreal and Jane Cosmetics. Again waiting to see what kinds of deals I can score from Ulta. I've also eyed some from Colour Pop. It's funny how now I'm shifting towards single shadows when I have always been about palettes other than Bare Minerals loose shadows.
  • Foundations - I have never been a foundation junkie. I have picked up a few along with BB and CC creams. I have found ones that I really like and will stick with those. I was thinking about checking out some higher end ones but now I'm like what for??!!
  • Mascaras - I am going to try some past favorites from the drugstores again and try to narrow down maybe my top 2 or 3. I don't plan to purchase any high end mascaras unless they come in a kit or come together in a bundle for a good deal. QVC does a lot of mascara bundles around the holidays.
  • Brushes - I have gone a little brush crazy on and off since Christmas but that's slowing down. The only brand that I'm hype about is Real Techniques. So I'll keep an eye on what they come out with and scoop sales from Ulta. I'm also still a fan on Bare Minerals brushes and have my eye on two but now I'm leaning towards not getting them. I was also debating on checking out the IT Cosmetics brush line at Ulta but I'm leaning towards not even bothering with that either.
  • Hair Products - I have A LOT going on under my bathroom sink *covers eyes*. So I'm definitely in use up mode for hair stuff and only replenish what I need. Plus I won a giveaway with some hair products from the Amla Legend line by Optimum Care! I've used all the items a couple of times and so far so good. They may show up in a post. I'm also trying to decide what I'm going to do going forward in terms of future Wen purchases. There are a few products from Shea Moisture I want to try but it's not like I have to get them right now. So they'll be on the list for a future purchase once I use some products up.
  • Skincare Products - Similar to hair products, I don't need any additional skincare. I like the regimen that I have right now and I'm going to stick with it. I've picked up a couple of new scrubs from St. Ives and another mask from Freeman Beauty. So I really don't need anything else. Luckily I stocked on various products during sales. So I'll only to replenish the L'Oreal Youth Code Texture Perfector Serum since that's the item that I use up the fastest. I have my eye on a cleanser I may try when it comes back it stock online. I almost caved on some Paula's Choice products towards the end of March. Then I was like bish if you do not get off this website!!!
I think that's it lol. But course it's subject to change. It's all an ongoing process. I just have to program it in my brain that I already have something I like and works,especially when it comes to everyday "basics" like primer, foundation, cleansers, etc. So stick with those items and stop looking at others!

In addition to the no buy, I also read the "ReThink Life: 40 Day Devotional" which I really enjoyed as well.

Ok enough rambling.

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter. If you don't celebrate Easter then Happy Sunday fun day!

TTFN - Ta ta for now!


  1. GOOD JOB GIRL!! I will need to check out that devotional you posted!! But good job I know it was hard but you did it!! MSVIRGO!!!

    1. Thank ya kindly! It was but then it got easier to say no stuff or just ignore stuff all together. My next step is to start unsubscribing from certain email lists. I'm also doing an inventory of items that I do need to repurchase and try to stick to those items which isn't much. Check it out! I look into another one. I have the app on my phone, so it made it easy to keep up with the daily readings.

    2. Yeah I need to unsubscribe from certain email lists also. I'm working on using items and then when they all gone I will replace want I need. I need to add that app to my phone. MSVIRGO


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