Sunday, May 4, 2014

Work Travel Chronicles: TSA

(Courtesy of Microsoft)

Ok it me or do TSA procedures vary from airport to airport? When I went through security going to Florida, I didn't have to take off my shoes or the jacket I was wearing. I didn't have to remove anything from my tote. Also my hands were swabbed. I guess for some type of residue. When I went to the airport to come back home, I did have to remove my jacket and my shoes. The TSA agents did tell people to remove the usual items from their carry on items.

I'm like what the heck??! And you wonder why people are so confused when they go through security. It's very unsettling to me that the procedures are not the same for every airport! I don't care how big or how small. With all the loopy crap that has gone on recently! Sheesh! Or am I tripping?

Here's a view of the beach from my boss's room. Pretty sweet huh?

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