Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I'm Done With The Drugstore!

(Courtesy of Microsoft)

Ok not really lol!

Here's the thing that freaks me out. A lot of beauty brands at the drugstore do not seal their products, especially when it comes to lip products. For example, I LOVE that Revlon does seal their lipsticks and glosses. Wet n Wild seals their lipsticks too. Maybelline does not seal their lipsticks but I think their glosses are (having a brain fart). I mean yes, you can kinda tell if someone was TRIFLING enough to swatch/mess with a product. But then I don't know if they swatched it on their hand, what's on the their hand or heaven forbid then actually applied it on their lips!!!!?!? I was in Walgreens one day and I watched this lady take a lipstick, swatch it on her hand and then put in back in the display! I wanted be to be like you nasty heifer, don't put that back in the display?!?!!! *cringes*

So I think if I can find items online then I'll just place an order. I picked up a couple of lipsticks from Maybelline Buff Collection (you'll hear about them in my May favorites), I kept looking and looking at them to see if they had been messed with. When I got home I wiped them off and sprayed them with alcohol. A friend of mine told me that drugstore beauty items are cheaper on Target's website. If you have a Target Red credit or debit card, you can get free shipping when you order and get an additional 5% off your purchase. You can use Ulta coupons online and take advantage of promo offers as well. Of course limited edition items aren't offered online in most cases. Oh well.

So we shall see. It just really freaks me out buying drugstore beauty products because people are so damn trifling! Ugh!


  1. Hey the June Insider up 3 scents and guess what Fresh cream body wash in 64oz, 32oz lotion and spritz spray for AD for only 2 shipments. Next shipment in 6 months soon
    as Im able to order Im ordering it. Right now I think its to early so alk 3 scents are saying sold out. MSVIRGO

    1. Thanks. I already saw that it was up. I did take a look at the philosophy TSV. Was hoping that it would include the spray fragrance vs the body spritz. I'm definitely going to order. Getting my bath and body stash stuff down. Fresh Cream is good enough to use with anything, so I'm excited to get my hand on the super sizes.

    2. Yeah I wanted the spray also. But I'm going to order the Fresh cream on AD for 2 shipments. So far the website is saying all 3 scents sold old but I might wait until I get my book and call it in. I can't believe it will be a super size lol I can alternate between the Living grace olive oil scrub and this. Ms Virgo

    3. I'm going to do the same and just keep checking online. Sometimes I get the Insider magazine in the mail and sometimes I don't.

    4. I'm getting through my bath and body stash. So I will alternate between Fresh Cream and whatever Olive Oil Scrub I have on hand from the last TSV along with the seasonal shower gel AD. After this I'm not buying any "new" bath and body stuff. Just sticking with the ADs I have. I do still want to try Hope in a Jar for the body. Trying to decide if I want to cancel the Korres auto ship that I have with Guava in the shower gel, body butter and Mulberry Vanilla body butter.


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