Sunday, May 4, 2014

Palette Play May 2014

This month I'll be playing around with Bare Minerals loose eyeshadow sets. Woohoo!!! I don't show the loose Bare Minerals shadows a lot of love. I love that these are already packaged together. I need to come up with a different organization/storage for my other loose eyeshadows. Sorry that the pics are the best. Remember Google is your friend :)

Week of May 4 - Degrees of Dazzling

This was the 20 piece eyeshadow set from their holiday collection last year. I scored it on sale. If you're eyeing Bare Minerals items from their holiday collections, I say WAIT! Christmas Eve I went to Ulta and stuff was already on sale. I think in February, a lot of holiday items turned up on the Bare Minerals website on sale. And a lot of the products stayed on their site for a good while. Sometimes items also turn up during their 12 Beauty Rush sales.

Week of May 11 -  A Vision in Velvet

This was their 20 piece eyeshadow set from 2012 holiday collection. I also got it on sale. My friend scooped it for me Black Friday. I want to say she got it from Macy's. This set is half matte shadows and half satin shadows. Very very pretty!

Week of May 18 - The Women of B.E. Collection

This was 20 piece eyeshadow set that they created for their QVC customers. Each shadow shade is a woman's name. This was my first large loose eyeshadow set. I like the packaging of this one. I wish the other two sets I have were packaged similar to this.

Week of May 25 -  Good Morning, Gorgeous

I can't remember when I got this set but I've barely used it. Each shade is name of a day of the week. How cute right?

Let the fun begin!

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