Saturday, May 24, 2014

Time For Another No Buy!

Hey party people!

This time around we're going on a nail polish no buy! In the last month, I've accumulated a lot of new nail polishes. I've purchased 2 Julie G sets via Groupon. I've purchased some Funky Fingers polishes from Five Below and an Essie polish in Bikini So Teeny (that is similar to a Julie G polish I just got but we ain't going there). You'll see these in my next polish play post for June/July. I'm trying to decide if I want anything from Essie's new summer collection. Otherwise that's it. I'm going on a nail polish no buy for the month of June and maybe into July. I've also "outgrown" my current setup for my nail polishes. So I need to come up with something. I can't put up a nail polish rack. Any suggestions?

Also *sigh* here I go again. While sitting on my bed last night and staring at my tower o' makeup, I was like this is redamndiculous lol! I feel like I do this every other month. Now I have gotten rid of more makeup and passed stuff on to friends. But of course I still have a crap ton of stuff and I keep buying stuff. What I do have, I use and enjoy but of course it's a lot for one person. Ok let's be real, it's an insane amount for one person. So what ya do? *shrugs*. Still working on that :)

Ok I'm done with my woe is me, I have too much beauty crap. TTFN. Ta ta for now!

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