Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The YouTube Game - Black Beauty Vloggers

This video was posted by stallion1920. I'm subscribed to her YouTube channel.

She raises an interesting question. When it comes to beauty YouTube videos and blogs, I watch/read a variety of people. It has crossed my mind on why certain YouTubers (I can't stand referring to them as "gurus". That's a whole different discussion.) and bloggers are more "popular" than others. But it has crossed my mind on why some of the YouTubers from various ethnic backgrounds have had better "success" in the YouTube/blogging game. Or why some of the more popular black beauty bloggers don't get products sent to them for review from brands like MAC, Urban Decay, Tarte, etc like some other beauty YouTubers and bloggers.  I mean their websites, channels and social media streams are just as good, so why do they get slighted? I know Urban Decay and Tarte have been called out for this many times.

Urban Decay and Tarte are two brands that I do enjoy and that I've mentioned on many occasions. Heck I've made recent purchases from both brands. It raises questions for me personally if I want to keep supporting these brand with my dollars, when it seems as if they don't care about me and others who look like me who are makeup lovers. If that makes sense. I mean what's so "hard" about showing products on deeper skin tones? Or partnering with other YouTubers and beauty bloggers of color on your product launches and hell even feedback on future products? We want to see what products will look like on someone who looks like us just like other beauty lovers! I guess that's too much to ask.

*ends rant* I may do a part two to this post.

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  1. I agree with you. It makes you wonder what is going on. I'm not buying much Tarte anyway because now they sold the company it will be a matter of time the products start going down hill. I'm tired vendors thinking WOC is all one color we are different shades with different undertones and I think it offensive for the vendors especially the ones on the Q thinking we are the color "RICH" WTH I don't think so! MSVirgo

    1. I just saw a post on the Q boards about the company being sold. It'll be interesting to see if their presence on the Q changes to being sold. I just cancelled an AD from the holiday TSV. You know I totally agree! On the YouTube video that Tarte dd for the January TSV a bunch of WOC of color called them on have a "Rich" shade. We spend $$ just like everyone else so stop ignoring us or we'll take our $$ elsewhere! It's just ridiculous.

    2. We need to call them on it. I'm wondering also because like BE they not on their all the time, now Tarte sold and they already having less TSV's then when they first came out. All I see on their is Mally, IT cosmetics. So we will see what Tarte will do in the future. I don't blame WOC calling them out on that Rich shade that's just crazy!!! And what make me mad we call them out on it and they ignore us I don't like that! Ms Virgo

    3. I think BE is still around. They have like 4 TSVs for the year and still make other visits outside of a TSV. And they still do product launches and exclusive products with QVC. So I think it's still the same as before the company was sold. Also Leslie still seems to be heavily involved.


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