Sunday, March 9, 2014

You Have a Favorite Product, So Why Buy Something Else?

Long tittle huh?

It's funny looking at various favorites videos on YouTube recently, blog posts or even my own thoughts on products and how someone has a product that they love and has given it "holy grail" status but still go out and gets/tries something new when it comes to beauty products. Especially base products like foundation, powder, primers, concealer and powder. The same can be said for other beauty related products like skin care and hair care.

I can see experimenting and playing around with color products and finishes but again once you have found your favorite red lipstick or a pink blush that compliments your skin tone, why do we feel the "need" to go get another? Or if you have a face wash that's working for you or hair styling product that's working great for your hair, why go out and try something else? If  the product stops working for you or there's a change in the product that you don't necessarily like then I can see going out and trying something else. Rhetorical questions I know and I'm guilty of this a hundred times over. I guess I'm trying to understand and change my way of thinking.

I recently decided that I am going on a drugstore makeup no buy until Easter. Doesn't see like much but since this is where most of my purchases have been the last few weeks, I thought it would be a good place to start. I've also been thinking on higher end items that I do want to pick up this year, so I can take advantage of various sales and deals from places and brands that I shop. Small steps to try and be more strategic with my purchases and not just randomly getting stuff here and there or just because.

Another random post done on the fly. So sorry if it's jumbled and doesn't make much sense.

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