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October 2016 Top 5 & More

Hey how you doing, how you been? There a lot of lip products this month. So here we go!

Top 5

MAC Selena Collection

More MAC! I swear MAC has gotten my coins these last couple of months. When I heard that MAC was doing a Selena collection I was SO EXCITED! I luuuuhhhh me some Selena! As usual with MAC, the launch of the collection online was a clusterf*$#! I lucked up and got the three lipsticks. I debated on a few more items in the collection but I got what I knew I would use. The lipsticks in this collection are flipping fantastic and so Selena! AMOR PROHIBIDO is a Glaze lipstick and is described as a pinky midtone brown. This right is a fantastic nude lipstick! I've never tried a Glaze finish lipstick from MAC. It's not too shiny and feels so nice on the lips. COMO LA FLOR is an Amplified lipstick and it's described as a dirty cherry red. This red lipstick right here!  it's so so good! The last lipstick in the collection is Dreaming of You which is a Matte finish. It is described as a deep wine. These three lipsticks shades are in my happy place for lip colors and the packaging is super cute too. I also love the the lipstick names are song titles. It makes it a little more special ya know. If you can get you hands on these check them out! MAC is probably in my top 3 when it comes to lipsticks. Everything is pretty much sold out everywhere but they are supposed to be doing another release in January. Now if MAC will do a collection for Aaliyah, I'll be really really happy!

IMAN Global Chic Runway Glam Perfect Plaid Luxury Wrap

I originally ordered this wrap in two colors. Then I went back for the third. I have one at work and the other two are at home. This wrap is so soft and warm! I've wrapped up in it and it's not too much or doesn't get in the way. You can fashion it so many different ways. I will definitely use on for travel since it's usually cold in airports and on airplanes. Two of the colors are still available at HSN. I think this would make a great Christmas gift. Oye vey Christmas is coming! *cringes*. I didn't take a pic. HSN's product page will do the wrap more just than any pics I could take.

NYX Liquid Suede Lip Cream and Suede Matte Lip Liners

I can't remember if I talked about these or not. I originally picked up Kitten Heels (bright red) and Vintage (plum with mauve undertone) after seeing TheFancyFaced mix the two in a video. Then I got Sandstorm (true nude) on sale from CVS. Then they launched more shades and lip liners. I went Ulta when they had a promo going on (of course) and picked up two more and the lip liners. I picked up Downtown Beauty (walnut brown) and Club Hopper (brown with reddish undertone) in the lip creams. I picked up Downtown Beauty (true brown), Club Hopper (deep purple mauve) and Oh, Put It On (deep dark purple) in the lip liners. These are not liquid lipsticks. They are cream lip colors. So they will transfer some when you eat or drink but I still feel that they still have good wear time. If you're not a fan of liquid lipsticks then check these or their soft matte lip creams out. They don't dry out your lips like liquid lipsticks. I've been a fan of NYX regular lip liners and the Suede Matte ones are just as good. The color range available in both the lip creams and lip liners is quite nice. Some of the deeper shades are calling my name.

tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15

I picked this foundation up from Ulta as part of an exchange for a boo item mentioned below. This foundation had been mentioned a lot on Tarte's snapchat and their YouTube channel. When they mention that is comes in 24 shades I was curious about the deeper shade range. I tried this foundation years ago in a Tarte TSV set from QVC, The shade included was called deep and it won't that deep. So I hopped on Sephora website and there is x shades in the  deep rang. When I read that x is deep with a peach undertone I was really curious about it since the Shape Tarte concealer I have been using has a peach undertone and I'm loving it. I don't know why I thought this foundation was $27 but it's actually $39. But you get more than your typical 1oz. Also being that this is a thicker foundation with a more fuller coverage, you don't need a lot. I really like the color match of this shade for my skin tone. When I first wore it, I snapped a pic and sent it to two friends. They said it didn't even look like I had foundation on. I was like score! It id oxidize some throughout the course of the day but it wasn't terrible. For my oily skin, I think it's ok. No matter what foundation I wear, at some point throughout the day I have to blot. If you have super oily skin then you may not like this foundation. I've applied this foundation with a brush and a sponge. I like both but when using a brush, I like to dampen the brush. It helps move the foundation across the face. So score for a new foundation discovery.

Rimmel The Only 1 Lipstick in Oh So Wicked

I got this lipstick in one of the Allure Beauty boxes I ordered. I forgot that I had it. I have items from both boxes at work and have been bringing home items here and there. I was digging through and saw this and what like what is this? I popped the cap off, saw this shade and was like oooooooooohhhhhh!!!!!! I brought it home immediately. I rarely wear the same lip color back to back during the week. I've worn this a bunch of times over the last couple of weeks of October. This is toted as an all in one lip product. that supposed to provide long wearing color, comfort, moisture and wear time. I think it does just that. This shade is nicely pigmented, feels nice on the lips, didn't dry out my lips and wore nicely throughout the day. It reminds me off Revlon's Black Cherry lipstick which has been a long time favorite. But dare I say I like this a tad better. I was going to get some other shades but held off since the shades I was drawn to are similar to shades I already have in my stash. But they may change lol!! If you're looking for some new lipsticks to try then check this line out!


No surprise products this month.


LORAC Mega Pro 3 Palette

Welp I mentioned earlier in October month that this palette was in rotation with a bunch of other palettes (October 2016 Shop My Stash). I did four looks with this palette and said nope. I returned it to Ulta. I don't own any of the other LORAC Pro palettes. I had the Pro to Go palette which I used here and there and I did like it but not enough to keep it. It was in the first package of items I send to Glambot that they did accept. I've seen a ton of reviews on LORAC eyeshadows. So I already knew that they're very soft and powdery. It's not my favorite eyeshadow formula. The array of colors spoke to me when I saw it in pictures. In person, not to so much. I feel that there are a ton of light shades and it is very dupable palette. Also the eyeshadows would crease on my eyes within a few hours. If you have a pretty decent eyeshadow stash then I don't think this is a must have unless you're a fan of LORAC or a collector of the Mega Pro palettes. I was going to do a few more looks with it and I said no. I am not going to force myself to like it. See progress. So I exchanged it for the Tarte foundation I mentioned earlier and a few other items.

Colour Pop Ultra Glossy Lips

This mix of mehs and boos. I picked up several of Colour Pop's lip glosses during their Labor Day promo. I've listed them in the order of what I like the most to the least.
  • Honey B (creme finish) - vivid magenta
  • Lychee Me (sheer finish) - warm nude beige
  • My Jam (metallic finish) - warm golden nude shimmering with silver and gold
  • Fudg'd (sheer finish) - warm saddle brown
  • Stain (sheer finish) - soft burgundy 
The sheer finish ones are just that they are very sheer with little to no color. If you just want to add shine to your lip then you could use a clear gloss, Carmex or something else instead. There's nothing warm about Lychee Me (at least again my skin tone) but it is a nice nude gloss that you can layer on top of just about anything. The same goes with Fug'd. I was excited to try this one. It's pretty much nothing on my lips. My Jam is actually nice. I had to be careful with it since it's a metallic finish and a gold shade. I didn't want my lips to appear ashy. I did a swipe on my bottom lip only and blend it. I used Pitch lip liner with it. Honey B is the most pigmented of the ones I have. Overall I'm not a fan of the sheer finish ones. The other ones are ok but I'm not wowed by them. I wore these glosses on their own with a lip liner to test them out. They feel nice on and are not sticky but that's it.  I think there are better glosses out there from NYX, Milani and others within the same price range that you can pick up in store and not pay shipping that are better than these.

November go!

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