Saturday, February 21, 2015

February 2015 Surprise Products of the Month

Hey party people! Long time no "see"! I had some dental work done early this month and it was rough couple of weeks afterwards. Plus winter has decided to show up and show out the last week or so. Fun times. Any who...

I was going to include these items in my Top 5 post for February but then it started to get kind of long. So voila a separate post. I may not do this every month. But if I have some products like this to talk about then I'll do a post separate from favorites. Sound good?

This month has been the month of face products from the drugstore. You'll see some more face stuff in my Top 5 post. So here we go!

Covergirl Queen All Day Flawless Foundation

I FINALLY was able to see the Covergirl Queen All Day Flawless foundation in person. Well let me step back. I  attempted to check it out in Hel-Mart (Wal-Mart) butttttt the display was so messy and people had opened and used the product! I was so disgusted, I left and didn't even bother checking again to see if the display had been refreshed. Before a dentist appointment, I peeked into a Walgreens that I check out from time to time. Now I hadn't been in this Walgreens for a while, but from previous visits I've never saw the Covergirl Queen collection in this store.  This trip I was like on my! They had a TON of stuff from the collection including the foundation. I also picked up the CC Cream but I haven't gotten into it yet. I am terrible at color matching myself and I had looked at this foundation online when I was going to try and order a shade. A friend of mine has been using the foundation and we're about the same skin tone. So I grabbed the one she had been using as a starting point. I picked up Mocha Q835. This is an awesome shade match for me! It blends so nicely into the skin, the coverage is awesome, it has SPF 20 and you don't feel it on your skin. It also held up nicely on my face during the day. I love the is has a pump. A lot of foundations at the drugstore don't have one. I was curious to try it but I was truly surprise by this foundation. There may be a new favorite that isn't a Bare Minerals foundation for 2015 *gasp*.

Black Radiance Soft Focus Finishing Powder

Black Radiance has launched a new finishing powder. I got mine from CVS. The display does have testers which is nice. There are three shades and I was thinking the middle shade would be best for me. But the display only had the lightest and deepest shades available by the time I made my way over to the store. I kept looking at the deeper shade which is Milk Chocolate. I thought it would be too dark but I went ahead and got it. When I got home, I put it next to my Bobbi Brown Loose Powder in Basic Brown and they looked exactly the same. So I was like ok this was the better choice of the two but still I wasn't expecting much from it. I've been using it for the majority of the month and it is a really nice powder. The one thing that gets on my nerves is the packaging. It's rather larger and hard to open. I have to use a hair clip to open it every doggone time. Other than that I have been really enjoying it. I still may go back and pick up the middle shade for giggles. We shall see.

Zoya Matte Velvet Lipstick

I got this lipstick in the Mystery Bag from Cyber Monday. I actually forgot I had it until it was looking in bag that the items came in. I thought I took it out. Smh. This is another product I wasn't expecting much from but this is a really nice matte lipstick. It's comfortable to wear and doesn't dry out my lips. It also has some serious staying power. I looked on Zoya's website and I saw lipglosses but no lipsticks. So maybe it's something new coming for 2015. I would be interested in trying more shades. One thing I don't like that there isn't anything printed on the lipstick packaging. It's a basic black tube. So I kept the box so I know what the heck it is. It also doesn't have a shade name. It's a pretty deep red shade.


Yes Noxzema! I haven't used to this in yearssssssss. This is product that makes me think of my dad. This is what he used (and I think he still does) to wash his face and he's always had pretty decent skin. I used it when I was in high school and maybe college. I came across this article, 8 classic cold creams to save your skin this winter. I was like hmmmm. So I scooted over to CVS and picked it up along with the CVS version of Ponds. Jury is still out on Ponds. I got the Classic Clean version. There are two other versions. I've mainly been using Noxzema in the morning and evening on the days that I don't wear makeup. I've really been enjoying it. It makes my skin soft and smooth. I also feel like it's helped clear my skin up as well. When I was in Bed, Bath & Beyond, I saw it in a bottle with a pump. I'm debating if I want to pick it for work travel since there ain't no way I'm travelling with this huge jar. Sometimes it pays to go old school lol. Today on QVC, philosophy has a Today's Special Value. I knew it was coming and looked at it before today. It's a nice configurations but I loudly told my NOPE! I have mix of products that are working for me and I like the prices too! I was able to score a good deal on the L'Oreal Youth Code products that I have been using from Also the Bed, Bath & Beyond I when to as a NICE skin care section and I always have a coupon from them. See I'm getting better.

And I do have a meh product to talk about -___-

LaVanilla The Healthy Deodorant in Pure Vanilla

I picked up a mini LaVanilla deodorant from Sephora. They had it in the area of stuff just before the cash register. I have been curious about using a more natural deodorant. I mentioned back in my October 2014 Favorites about my deodorant issues. At first I really did like this. Then I noticed that it wasn't keeping my underarms dry. I know it ins't an antiperspirant. Then I started noticing an order. I was like oh hayle to the naw lol!!!! I'll continue to use it until it's done and maybe I'll have a change of heart. But right now I don't plan on repurchasing it.

And there you have it! Next up my Top 5 for February!


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  2. Lol @ having to use a hair pin to open the BR Soft Focus! I have trouble opening mine too! Using the middle shade and liking it. (PBJ)


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