Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Proud Moment

**Sorry if this is a bit jumbled. These thoughts just came to me, so this is on the fly.**

Sooooo I was out and about yesterday and I stopped by CVS. Mainly to check out a couple of items from the current sale that is going on for beauty products. I went to get another nail polish (purchased 5 earlier in the week) and a foundation that I stumbled upon (you'll hear about in December favorites). Now mind you I had already picked up an extra bottle. If I had picked up the one I had in my hands on yesterday, then that would have been bottle number 3. As I was going back and forth scanning stuff, with about 4 items in my hand, I was like hold time. Now if I had gotten the items, it would have been less than $10 which is cool. BUUUUTTTT it would have been adding more to the mass of products I already have. I've made some good strides in getting rid of a lot of stuff. Doesn't meant that I don't still have a lot of stuff.

So I turned around from the scanner machine, put everything back and walked right out of CVS! And you know what? It felt good not buying stuff that I honestly didn't need. I went to Ulta earlier that day to use a 20% offer coupon I had. I got one hair item that I actually needed and I did get on "want".  That item was on sale and I had some reward dollars to use. So I don't feel bad getting it. Progress people progress. Now to keep this mindset going into 2014.

I came across this on Instagram this morning and I was like YAAAASSSSSS!!!! LOL! Overall I did good this year getting rid of stuff whether it was to friends and family or various donations. NOOOOOW I have to work on not bring more stuff in, being content using what I have and stick with the products and brands I like/know what works for me. A new shiny thing here and there isn't a bad thing. Just not ALLLLL the time.

Onward and upward!


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