Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Can We Live?????

I swear in the last maybe 2-3 years or so, I've seen a number of articles, studies, tweets, editorials, etc. about the "state" of black women. The whole relaxed vs. natural "debate" which I am BEYOND sick of. How much we spend within the beauty industry and how it's tied to our "aspirations" to be white. All black women are fat. Black women are the least to get married compared to other races/ethnicities. I could go on but I'll stop here. I'm like where is all this coming from? Or maybe this is talk that has been around for a while and I've chosen to ignore it. Or maybe it didn't "bother" me as much as before. I'm sure some of it is "warranted" but most of turns to ignorant bullshit. And on the flip side I don't see anything on women who tan, get lip and butt injections or try to "kink" their hair. It makes for "interesting" dialogue but I just feel that there are other things that are far more pressing that require our attention. #kanyeshrug

This was typed on the fly. So sorry if it's jumbled or doesn't quite make sense. Until next time good people....

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