Sunday, January 20, 2013

January 2013 Top 3

Happy New Year everyone!

Sooooo for 2013 instead of listing a laundry list of favorites, I've decided to focus on my top 3 products on the month. Let's see how this goes :D

In December I picked up Mally's Favorite Things Volume 2 Collection when it was a Today's Special Value on QVC. I passed on this last year but I was moved to pick this one up *shifty eyes*.  The set comes with 3 shadow sticks, 3 eyeliners, 3 lip glosses and 3 mascaras. It also came with gift bags and tissue paper if you wanted to gift some of the items for Christmas. I did gift one of the mascaras but I kept the rest for myself :D Mally did an awesome job with the selection of the colors for the shadow sticks and lip glosses. I love both the Burnish Violet which for my skin tone is a pretty neutral and Jade in very very pretty. Of the lip glosses my favorite is Raspberry. I think I mentioned the mascara in a favorites post last year. At first I didn't like it but then it grew on me. I've kind of had a love/hate relationship with Mally's eyeliners. The ones in this set are her waterproof ones. I've never tried them before picking up this set. I really like this version of her liners. These ones live up to her "bulletproof" claim on me. So I'm glad I picked this one up and opted for the auto delivery option for another shipment in April.

In December Korres had a Today's Special on HSN called the Ultra Hydration Trio. It was a set that included the Guava shower gel, Guava body butter and Mulberry body butter. I've mentioned the Guava body butter before but the Mulberry is AMAZE BALLS! It smells so good! When it comes to fruity scents I love berry. I'm tempted to pick up the shower gel in Mulberry. We shall see. I also had the option of getting this set on auto delivery. Glad I did since I think this set will be my main body moisturizer and shower gel.

For Christmas a friend of mine gave me a bunch of stuff. One of the items she gave me was a Born Lippy Balm in Passionberry from The Body Shop. I've been using it non-stop on my lips in the evening or on days where I'm bumming it being makeup free. It is very moisturizing, feels good on the lips and I love the scent. I may check it out in Strawberry once I use Passionberry up *shifty eyes*

And there you have it. I thought it would be hard to pick only 3 items but it was easy for this month. I guess you can say I kind of cheated since two of the items were sets. Dah well *shrugs*. On to February!

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