Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January 2017 Top 5

Hey there!

This year these posts will be my top 5 favs for the month only. I may throw in a bonus fav but that's it. Any surprise products or products I don't like will be separate posts. I want to do these as I come across stuff instead of waiting until I'm ready to do my top 5 post. Make sense?

So here's my top 5 for January!

Covergirl Queen All Day Flawless Foundation in Almond Glow

I know, I know. You're probably like this foundation again lol. I'm still loving this foundation but I've been playing around with a new shade. I first took notice of Almond Glow when CKey Beauty used it a video. I guess we're around the same complexion shade, so I said hmmm. I forgot about it but then when I went to a Helmart (Walmart) that had a bunch of the shades, I picked up Almond Glow and Spicy Brown. Almond Glow is a bit more warmer than Mocha (my ride or die shade) but it's not as warm as Warm Caramel which I have tried before. Almond Glow has been working for me. It blends into my skin nicely and it's a really good shade match I think. I've already ordered another bottle from Amazon. I'll stick with this shade for the rest of the winter and maybe early spring. It may work for me year round like Mocha. I'm wondering if this foundation is being discounted. It's getting harder and harder to find in stores and online. I've tried finding out via social media and I haven't gotten a response. I may try to contact Covergirl directly. Stay tuned.

philosophy Glazed Body Souffle in Fresh Cream

This has been on my list to try. I got this in duo from QVC. I was actually on wait list and didn't think it would ship. So while I was waiting, I ended up ordering another set that included Fresh Cream and two other scents. I ended up returning the set and then the duo was shipped to me. This cream feels very luxe on the skin but it's not heavy. It makes my skin soft and keeps is nicely moisturized throughout the day. I definitely that need during the cold and dry winter months. Also Fresh Cream pairs nicely with a ton of different scents I wear. I did do auto delivery and it's one I will definitely keep.

Bobbi Brown Bronze Tortoiseshell Eye Palette 

I pulled this palette out to use in addition to the Bare Minerals eyeshadows for the month. I've only use one Bare Minerals eyeshadow! It's time to let some of them go *sigh*. Back to Bobbi. I haven't been doing my makeup everyday due to some schedule changes. When I have put on makeup, I have reached for this palette over and over again. It's a nice neutral palette. It has a nice dark matte brown which I enjoy and the other colors are easy to throw on the lid and go. I've been using the Banana shadow as a brow bone highlight and it's super pretty. This was limited edition but you may luck up and find it on a blog sale or it may be re-released.

Chapstick Medicated 

This was a random purchase I made trolling the lip balm section at Helmart (Walmart). I have used this on its on day and night. I've also used it under various lip colors and I have really been enjoying it. It's goes on smoothly and my lips feel super smooth and soft. This is from the Chapstick website:
"Some days, it takes a little more to get your lips looking and feeling their healthy best. That's what ChapStick® Medicated is all about. It quickly soothes the pain, hydrates with moisturizers and seals in moisture with a light, protective barrier to help heal severely dry, chapped lips."
I haven't had any pain from severely chapped lips so I can't speak to that but I still agree with this! So another score for Chapstick!

Serious Skincare Olive Oil Replenishing Body Oil

This is the same bottle that I mentioned back in March. I have been reaching it for a lot this month and as you can see it's almost gone. I have another bottle ready to go. I really like how soft and moisturized my skin feels after applying it. Also the scent is very calming especially at nighttime. I'm hoping I can catch another deal when Serious Skincare is back on HSN.

And there you have it. Nothing too overly exciting I guess. I have quite a few things I picked up in January that I will add to the rotation. So let's see what February bring!.

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