Monday, September 28, 2015

#ManicureMonday Essie Carry On & Formula X Mischievous

Helllloooooooooo! It's been a while huh?

I have not been successful recently when trying to take a pic of my nails for a #ManicureMonday post! The lighting was off and the colors weren't coming through right. Or my hands just looked awful and I didn't like the picture. One polish I really liked from OPI and wanted to do a post on it. I may wear it again and see if I can take a decent pic. Oye. So those woes had me being a lazy pants and not posting anything.

Anywho...I saw a post on Instragram with Essie's Carry On and I just had to pull it out. Carry On is described as a deep romantic burgundy and it's the PERFECT fall shade. It's one of my favorite Essie nail polishes. It's definitely a polish you have to put on your nails to see its loveliness. I picked Mischievous by Formula X a few days ago. I was in Sephora inside JcPenney and I was looking through the sale section. I always see some Formula X nail polishes on sale. I got this joker and another polish for $2.99 and another one for $1.99!!! On Sephora's website, Mischievous is $12.50. How you like them apples!?!!! It is described as a rose + sage ombre glitter. It's very pretty. It kind of reminds me of the Sally Hansen Gem Crush polishes. They were really pretty but chipped something terrible in a matter of hours. I went through my nail polishes recently and finally trashed the ones I had since I've had them for a long time and hadn't worn them in a while. I think these two pair nicely together.

Next up should be my Top 5 for September.

Stay tuned!

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