Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bag of the Moment - Dooney & Bourke Coated Pop Novelty Duffel Bag

I have an upcoming work meeting and have gone back and forth on what bag to carry. I don't really have to travel travel for it so I guess that what's been my "dilemma". While switching out bags I realize I carry waaaaay tooooo much stuff! Anywho I opted for this Dooney & Bourke bag. Another fun one to carry during spring/summer and you can wear it with pretty much anything. When I first started carrying bags I was into hobos. Now I'm into satchels more.  Not the best pic but it holds a lot and has a pretty blue lining. I picked this up from QVC. It's not a available anymore but here's the link showing the bag in black. I have another Dooney bag that's all white and I wanted to carry before summer is over but don't think I will. There are a couple of marks I need to clean off but just haven't had the time.  So I think this bag will carry me through the end of summer.  Or at least until the end of August.

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