Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Makeup D'oh!

(courtesy of Microsoft)

I did it again!!!  Aimlessly purchased a makeup item at the drugstore that I already have!  Matter fact just purchased not too long ago! The wandering over to the drugstore usually happens when I frustrated at work and need to get away for a moment. Oye vey!  It's only a lipstick and yes I could return or exchange it.  We shall see.  But that's it! No more!  I am going to be more discriminatory with my makeup/beauty purchases from now until the end  of the year (and hopefully beyond that).  I had gotten my bath and body products under control but I've gotten a couple of sets recently. I just did another mini purge of some makeup items and just shopped my stash for some "new" items to play around with.  I need to purge some hair products that honestly should be pitched since I've had them for a while and nothing lasts forever.  I want to make an effort of using up what I have, enjoying it and not feel "bad" that stuff  is just sitting. The fall collections are popping up and of course the  "oooooh I want this and that" vibe has set in but I've gone back and looked over the items and some of the excitement has worn off.  Hopefully this sentiment holds.

Stay tuned...


  1. Lol! I used to do that until I started writing down lists of what I had AND organized all of my cases.

  2. LOL! I need to do that and I definitely need to reorganize my stash. Luckily enough it's a good everyday lipstick. I threw the extra in my makeup bag.


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