Friday, August 2, 2013

Bag of the Moment - Dooney & Bouke Large Luna Bag

**Ok I had did this post probably a couple weeks ago but kept forgetting to take a pic of the bag *head palm* I just switched to another bag I want to test out to see if it'll do for an upcoming work trip. Any who here it is...excuse the mess in the background and my messed up work chair.

I still have the order confirmation for this bag lol! I bought this bag in 2010 guessed it QVC! The Luna bag is my second favorite silhouette after the satchel from Dooney and Burke. I have two other ones in croco (dark olive and red which is a little smaller). The one downside is the cell phone pocket. It is small and doesn't fit my phone. I think 2011 is when they started making the pockets larger to accommodate the large cell phones. How fun is the color? Great for spring and summer. I love the shoulder strap and how it fits perfectly under the arm. The lining is nice bright so you can find your items in your bag. I carry way too much stuff but I can still zip it up without issue.

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  1. Speaking of Q-where have you been hiding?;) We started a new group and wanted to reach out for you to join. Link is in the old thread. I couldn't find your blog for a minute, even when I typed in the name, but I found it right away today. Have to get caught up! PBJ


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