Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March 2015 Surprise Products of the Month

This was a good month of playing around with stuff.  Here we go!

Christie Brinkley 3pc Age-Defying Skincare Regimen

So my drugstore skincare bandwagon has come to an end lol! This was a Today's Special on HSN and of course, I was curious and ended up ordering it. I wasn't expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised by all 3 items. I love that this is a set that you can incorporate into your current skincare routine. The Complete Clarity Daily Facial Exfoliating Polish is really nice and not abrasive at all. The Recapture Day + IR Defense Cream and Recapture 360 Night Beauty Treatment are awesome. I have oily skin and I'm usually leery of moisturizers with SPF since they usually contribute to more oil on my face. This one is awesome and it seems to mattify my skin. My makeup the last few weeks and gone on smoothly and has looked really good all day. I haven't really needed to blot my face as much either. The night cream is luxurious and my skin feels so soft and smooth when I wake up the next morning. So glad I signed up for autoship. Can't wait to see what else comes to HSN from the brand.

KeraCare Dry & Itchy Scalp Glossifier

My scalp can get dry which turns to itchy. It has been dry and itchy more so than usual this winter, so I poked around looking at this and that. My hairdresser uses this product on my hair when I get it done. I've used it in the past but couldn't really remember if I liked it or not. So I stopped at Ulta and got it along with the shampoo and conditioner in the line. The Glossifier however is the star. I used it daily for a week straight and I see and feel the difference it had on my scalp and my hair. The following week I used it every other day just for giggles. I'll see once the warmer weather hits if I'll have to adjust how often I used it but this will stay in my hair care rotation.

Nivea Extended Moisture Body Lotion

I picked this lotion up from Ulta the same day I got the KeraCare products. This winter has done a number on my skin as well. My face is still oily but the rest of my body is dry dry dry! It's not that bad but since it has been so cold, all the doggone heat that has been pumping indoors and the dry air hasn't helped matters either. This stuff is awesome! It sinks into my skin nicely and keeps my skin moisturized all day, It's inexpensive and you get a ton of product. I guess I shouldn't be surprised liking this so much since I love the Nivea Creme that  I use as a hand cream. When I use this up I may check out some of the other Nivea lotions. Poking around on Ulta's site, every product has really good reviews.

Coach Poppy Freesia Blossom

This was a Christmas gift that I hadn't used until about the middle of the month. I wore it every day for a week. It is described as a "a sweet, indulgent fragrance". The notes in this scent are: Bergamot, Cassis, Raspberry, Mara Strawberry natureprint, Apricot, Star Jasmine, White Orchid, Tiare Tahiti natureprint, Freesia, Vanilla, Brown Sugar, Musk. It is a good mix of sweet and musky which I like. This will probably be my go to fragrance once the warmer weather truly hits. But honestly I would wear this year round.

Safeway Care Cotton Oval Rounds

I know, I know. What's so earth shattering about cotton ovals? I randomly saw this in Safeway as a new item. They are a lot larger than your typical cotton rounds. So I was like oh I can use these with the CVS Cold Cream Deep Cleanser (Ponds dupe). It's quite messy and I've already stained a washcloth. So I deiced to give these a whirl and I really like them. I have also used them with a cleansing water and they work well too. So score for a random grocery store find.

Shea Moisture 10-in-1 Renewal Hair Masque

Another product I scooped from Ulta. My last hair appointment I had to cut a good bit of my hair off and I was PISSED! I know it's only hair but I was hot to trot. But after like a day, I was fine and actually like the cut. It's not a short as I thought it was. I am kinda lazy when it comes to deep conditioning my hair. I had already been using the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair Masque from Shea Moisture but wanted to check out something else. So I grabbed this. I have been alternating this with the Jamaican Black Castor Oil one. I really like the results. After using this, my hair is soft, more manageable and moisturized. So we'll see what comes from my next hair appointment.

And on to the meh....

Aveeno Creamy Moisturizing Oil

I picked up the Aveeno Creamy Moisturizing Oil when Aveeno products were on sale at Ulta.  I got this before I got the Nivea product I mentioned earlier. I've had success with Aveeno products. So I decided to give a whirl to see if would help with my dry skin issues. It did not help keep my skin moisturized which is shocking. I think this will be fine for me come spring, summer and early fall. So I don't hate it. I do actually like it but just right now, it's not season appropriate for me. I went ahead and gave what I had left to my mom. Maybe I'll pick up again if I can catch it on sale during the warmer months.

Too Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner in Perfect Espresso

The Too Faced liner came in a set that I picked up from HSN a while ago. I hadn't used it in a while and I was going to give it away but I was like nope, let me give it another whirl. I LOVE the color since I like dark brown liners. It glides on easily and is super smooth BUT this no joker does not last on me at all. It's so frustrating. I'm tired of trying to make it work and I don't even feel like going through the motions of trying to find someone to get it to. So it the trash it's going.

And there you have it. Next up will be March favorites!


  1. Hey Girl, I love the KeraCare Dry and Itchy scalp line. I love the glossifer I usually get the big container from Ensley Beauty supply.com. I love KeraCare period!!!! MsVirgo. Ensley have the Shea Moisture JBCO line on their website also.

    1. Hey! Oh cool. Thanks for the info. I may take a look when I need to repurchase. The Glossifier has really helped my scalp in the short time I've used it.

  2. Hey IT Cosmetics having a TSV tomorrow. Have you ever tried their products? Ms Virgo

    1. I have and I've liked what I've used. I have my eye on this set on the Q.
      I've eyed the TSV but I know the CC Cream won't work for me in the darkest shade. I tweeted them about the shade selection and they said that more shades are coming. So we'll see.

    2. Ok cool. I want to try this brand one day. I will look at the TSV again. I hope they do come out with more shades. MS Virgo


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